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“Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over!” Pastor Gregory Dickow Message 8/21/16


Are you tired of struggling? Are you tired of rowing in your boat, and not getting anywhere? Or as the old people used to say, “Marking time and getting nowhere!” This is an excerpt from Pastor Gregory Dickow’s message this morning, “Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over!” Powerful message from God! In this message, Pastor Dickow, explains to us how to stop rowing our boat, and accept what Jesus has already done; God has given us His amazing grace because of the finished work of Jesus! Our victories are not in our works or what we do, our victories come from what Jesus has ALREADY DONE for us, over 2000 years ago!! This is part of what Pastor Dickow said in the message and at the end of the broadcast, “Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over!”

“The secret to getting to your healing, your breakthrough, your deliverance, the key to ending the waiting game, and accelerating your arrival to God’s purpose and destination for your life, is found in God’s more than enough amazing grace! Awaken to God’s amazing grace; it will change everything in your life. Grace mean, God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense!

Grace is an awaking, that it is not my efforts that brings victory, but it is Jesus’ victory that gets me to the other side!

When we willingly receive the grace of God, His grace, will take us where we need to go immediately, so activate God’s grace! God’s grace is the answer to all your struggles; step out of your power and into God’s grace!”

Click here, to obtain the complete copy of Pastor Dickow’s message.

God bless you all,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks


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