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AWM Importance of Forgiveness Recovery Program Session 10 August 6, 2013



AWM Importance of Forgiveness Recovery Program Agenda – Aug 6, 2013


1. Start session with prayer – ask Holy Spirit to give you understanding and give you inner healing


2. Study each session carefully – this program is focused on healing of the spirit, soul, & body


3. If you have any questions, contact me via email


4. Close in Prayer – pray what you feel in your heart – this is your time between you and God and as you spend time with Him, you will deepen your personal relationship with Him!




Importance of Forgiveness Recovery Program – Part 1H-1a – Session 10 – Aug 6th

Take Action By Taking Responsibility (continued)


D. Rejection

  • Walls of Rejection-1H-1a: The following diagram is called the "Walls of Rejection." We suggest that you pray through each of the four walls or roots of rejection, repenting for allowing them into your life and repenting for this sin in your generation. We also suggest that you ask God to seal your ears from hearing rejection; your eyes from seeing rejection; your mind from perceiving rejection; and your mouth from speaking rejection.


Breaking Down The Walls of Rejection (they are listed below):


1. Desire of Rejection


2. Rejection of Others


3. Self-Rejection


4. Fear of Rejection


5. Rejection - this is in the middle and the items 1-4 is surrounding it and protecting it


Theses are the steps to take to break down the Walls of Rejection:

  • Confess
  • Repent
  • Renounce the power of ___________ in my life
  • Speak blessings over my life
  • Seal my ears from hearing rejection
  • Seal my mouth from speaking rejection
  • Seal my eyes from seeing rejection
  • Break the power of the spirit of ______________ in my life
  • Command the spirit of _____________ to leave in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, under Whose blood I am covered




Goal is for deliverance; not speeding through the prayers. If an issue returns, write it in your “Forgiveness Journal” (label which one of these issues are trying to return – deal with issues as they arise not let them control you again) and let me know so we can pray through that memory again in the next session. Therefore, praying through the issues may take longer than one session or two or even three sessions.


Click here for PDF version of Session 10 Aug 6 2013


May God Continually Bless You and Keep You!

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks



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