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AWM Violence & Abuse Recovery Program "Getting Beyond the After Effects of Violence & Abuse" Session Two Part 2C Nov 12, 2013

AWM Violence & Abuse Recovery Program Agenda Session 2 Part 2C – Nov 12, 2013

  1. Start session with prayer – ask Holy Spirit to give you understanding and give you inner healing


  2. Study each part of session highlighted – this program as well as the other ones focus on healing of the spirit, soul, & body


  3. Rap Up – write down any questions you may have and send them to me before the next part is sent to you on Tuesday


  4. Homework: complete any homework for this session and return to me before for next Tuesday 


  5. Close in Prayer – just pray what you feel in your heart




Violence & Abuse Recovery Program

Lesson: Session Two – Part 2C – Study This

Open in prayer: Father I thank You for giving these group members Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding as they study this teaching; help them to recover completely in the Name of Jesus, Amen!

Session Two’s Goal: to recognize Abuse and its Cycle

  • Review Previous Section – Part 2A – Oct 29th 

  • Premise Before Next Section – Part 2A – Oct 29th 

  • List the ways to recognize Abuse – Part 2B – Nov 5th

  • Learn & Understand the Cycles of Abuse – Part 2B-1 – Nov 5th

  • Explore how to Stop the Cycle of Abuse – Part 2C – Nov 12th

  • Establish a Personal Bill of Right – Part 2C – Nov 12th


    The Three “G’s” of Stopping the Cycle of Abuse – Part 2C - Nov 12th


    For change to come, change must take place. The victim of abuse must remove themselves from the situation in order for help to be received.


  • Get help now! Tell someone in authority that the abuse is taking place. Never let the abuse continue.

  • Get to a safe place!

  • Get counseling to help with the healing process


    Establish Your Personal Bill of Rights


    Now you will read the Personal Bill of Rights pledge on the next page; it is pertinent for any situation in your life. It is important to learn your rights as a human being, then don’t allow others to treat you in any way that jeopardizes your rights. The best way to handle any kind of abuse is to remove yourself from the situation and the person who is speaking or acting in a way that demeans who you are.


    HOMEWORK: Use the Bill of Rights to establish your own Personal Bill of Rights! Where it states “You” change it to “I” to make it personal; this is your declaration of what you will and will not tolerate!!



    Establish Your Personal Bill of Rights (continued):





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Note: There will be a 2 weeks break for Thanksgiving; teaching will begin again on Tuesday December 3, 2013

In His Service,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks



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