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Domestic Violence is Satan's attempt to shatter the soul! Part 1 by Karen Brank

Men who abuse women attempt to justify their behavior by saying they love their partners so much and could not handle the thought of their girlfriend or wife dating someone else or leaving them. Look at this woman's face! If you are being abused get out because he will keep abusing you until he kills you. Men either have the Holy Spirit within their hearts or the spirit of the enemy who decieves, lies, and destroys. The responsibility of the Holy Spirit is to lead, guide, bring forth prophecy, edify (build up not tear down),and bring forth comfort. 1 Corinthians 14: 3-4 tells us "But someone prophesying is speaking to people, edifying, encouraging and comforting them. A person speaking in a tongue does edify himself, but a person prophesying edifies the congregation."

The Duluth Model or Domestic Abuse Intervention Project is a program developed to reduce domestic violence.[1] The Duluth model was developed by Minnesota Program Development, Inc., a nonprofit agency in Duluth, Minnesota. The program was mostly founded by social activist Ellen Pence. The Duluth Model is featured in the documentary Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America.[2]

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