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Emotional Healing Series - Part 1K for November 3, 2012

Emotional Healing Through Dealing with Past Issues – Part 1K (click here for PDF version)

November 3, 2012


NOTE: REMEMBER, as previously stated, this series was written on October 1st and God has delivered me since then; I wrote it as it was given to me at that time!


You know what, all is not lost – you can still get it right with God right here, right now – don’t put it off until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised to you. Hebrews 3:15 says in the day you hear God’s voice (this is God writing through me – these are not my words but they are coming straight from God), harden not your heart! Don’t let this word from God pass you by today; it may be your last time hearing them – not trying to scare you, just saying what I hear from God. Time is too short to play with your soul being lost forever! Just turn your life over to God by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior TODAY! God loves you soooooo much and He does not want you to be lost! Therefore, open up your heart and mind to God and allow Him to reveal to you the “junk” in your trunk, deliver you, and put you on the right path. God has already ordered your steps (Psalms 37:23) and sent Jesus to take your place so you could live so what are you waiting for? The only thing you need to do is surrender completely to Jesus and He will take you to the Father. Don’t try to figure nothing out – just yield to Jesus and He and the Holy Spirit will do the rest – the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you, teach you all things and comfort you when you need comforting. The Holy Spirit is a constant companion who will be with you until the end!



Emotional Healing Series - Part 2 will be posted by November 4, 2012


God's Servant,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks Registered & Protected










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