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Emotional Healing Series - Part 2A for November 5, 2012

Emotional Healing Through Dealing with Past Issues – Part 2A (Click here for PDF version)

November 5, 2012

I remember my ex-Pastor use to tell us always, “walk in love and stay in faith” and this will help you stay free from offense. Offences hurt, and if you do not deal with them by admitting you are hurt (offended), deal with it, and forgive the person(s), the pain becomes angry, then retaliation comes and in the end, it can lead to murder! Yes, this is just that serious!!  On my online school web site,, there is a teaching which is a part of the Biblical Foundations of Freedom (BFOF) series titled, “Principality of Bitterness”; this teaching will show you how the principality of bitterness is setup in a person – unforgiveness opens the door for it to come in. The BFOF series was adapted from Dr. Art Mathias’ book “Biblical Foundations of Freedom Destroying Satan’s Lies With God’s Truth” with his permission. To obtain a full knowledge of how the enemy tricks God’s people by twisting the truth of His Word, twist the words of others, and much, much more, I suggest you study the complete BFOF series; it will definitely open your eyes to God’s truth!!

God loves you!! I cannot stress that too much!! God wants what is best for you and is concerned about every area of your life; He wants you to be whole (heal) in every area of your life! However, you must want to be set free too and be willing to work with God to make this happen; this is because of the choice we have – God can want to deliver you but if do not open up to Him so He can deliver you, He will not force you to go against your will. God is a gentleman; He will not go against your will to help you! Also, don’t forget you are a co-laborer with Christ – don’t expect God to do everything for you even if you open yourself to Him – deliverance is your responsibility too! You do what Jesus has given you the authority to do and leave the rest you cannot do to God!!

Knowing that God loves and accepts you (just as you are – come to Him just as you are and He will do the cleaning – you CANNOT clean your own selves – Jesus has already taken our place and given us His righteousness) is the main way to stay free emotionally; then you will not expect people to validate and accept you – everybody is not going to love you or appreciate you but as long as God does, He is the only One who matters!! Yes, I know we want our spouses, family, friends, etc. to love and appreciate us and I am not saying they do not matter. I am saying when people in our lives does not love and appreciate us we do not let that stop us in our tracks, we keep moving forward. Don’t allow how people feel about you determine if you want to live or die (literally or just give up on life) – God loves you and He will see you through WHATEVER!! During the times you don’t feel loved or appreciated, allow the Holy Spirit to wrap you in His arms and comfort you! Run to God during these times and don’t run from God; that is where your help comes from!!

So let go and let God do what He wants to do in your life!! Here is a guided prayer to pray to accept Jesus now as your personal Lord and Savior or you can just pray what is on your heart (talk to God sincerely and honestly) but I beseech you to accept Jesus as YOUR personal Lord and Savior this day!!!


Emotional Healing Series - Part 2A-1 will be posted by November 6, 2012 and this is the last message in this series; I pray you were blessed by it.

God's Servant,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks Registered & Protected

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