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Emotional Healing Through Dealing with Past Issues Series

 Part 1 for October 23, 2012

This is a message God gave me at the beginning of October 2012 and I am finishing it now; I am writing it as God gave it to me on the 1st of October. However, these things have been dealt with and God has given me a great deliverance (the teaching from this deliverance will come later – I am working on that now). This message is very long so I am dividing it into 14 parts (that is the number of pages it is) so you will have time to digest it. I pray the Holy Spirit will give you full understanding as you read this message.

God bless! (Click Here For Complete Series)


We must deal with what happens to us; we can’t brush it under the rug and say it does not matter because it does. If we do not deal with things that happen to us (those things which traumatize us – trauma means different things to different people; what traumatize one person might not traumatize another – I will define the word trauma in a minute), it will affect us in one way or another (whether we realize it or not, for the rest of our lives until we deal with it). I am not telling you something I think or heard but what I know from my personal expenses with trauma.

Before I continue, let me give you the definition of trauma: according to Google the word trauma means:

  1. A deeply distressing or disturbing experience
  2. Emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be    associated with physical shock

The medical dictionary web site defines the word trauma as:

  1. A severely disturbing experience that leads to lasting psychology or emotional impairment
  2. A disastrous or life threatening event that can cause severe emotional distress. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is associated with trauma in a person’s early life or adult experience
  3. A psychologically upsetting experience that produces an emotional or mental disorder or otherwise has lasting negative effects on a person’s thoughts, feelings, or behavior.

I am going to now explain Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which is mentioned in definition “2” for trauma according to the medical dictionary’s web site; this information is also taken from their web site.

Emotional Healing Series - Part 1A will be posted by October 24, 2012

God's Servant,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks Registered & Protected

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