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“Empowering the abused woman to recover with God's truth"

Stop whatever you are doing and take the time out to say "Thank You!!" God is good!! He is good!! He watches over us even when we do not know we need to be watched over; even when we do not serve Him - God rain on the just and the unjust!!! He is faithful when we are not!!! God is a good God!!! Thank You Father for sending Your One and Only Son Jesus to die for the sins of all mankind!!! Thank You Jesus for choosing to die for all mankind!! Thank You Holy Spirit for dwelling in us once we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior and leading us in the way we should go and comforting us when we need it and You do much more!! God bless you all and I pray you will look to the hills from where your help comes from; your help comes from The Lord!! If God does not touch people's heart (they heart must be touchable) they cannot help you!! God is good!!! God is for you and not against you!!! He is NOT trying to take you out!! He wants to save your life!! That is why He sent His Son Jesus to die for you so you could live!!! Get to know God for yourself then you will not believes the lies from the devil that God wants to kill you!! God is the Giver of life and the devil is the destroyer of life!!! God is good and EVERY good and perfect gift comes from Him!! The devil is bad and EVERY bad thing comes from him!!! But God because He loves you so much will take what the devil meant for evil and turn it around for your good!!! Stop blaming God when tragedy strike!!! Life happens!! And mankind has choices; when they choose wrong and negative consequences happens, it is the result of their choices, not God's fault!! God gives us free will and if we make the wrong choice, that's on us not God!! Therefore, chose God and live or choose your way and suffer the consequences!!! Regardless of what you think, God is a good God!!! He is a faithful God!! He is a loving merciful God and He wants the best for YOU!!! Whether you believe in God or not, that's okay because one day every knee WILL bow and every tongue is going to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!! But I would rather believe in Him now than to wait until it is too late!! Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior today!!

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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