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“Empowering the abused woman to recover with God's truth"

If you are in an abusive relationship now, of any kind, this prayer is for YOU! This is a prayer, God has given me, to pray for you; in it, I am asking God to BREAK EVERY CHAIN of bondage in your life - “Break Every Chain”- Tasha Cobb.

For people who has been in abusive relationships, of any kind, and for the ones currently being abused, click here, for my “NO MORE SEARCHING!!! Manual of Deliverance, Healing, & Restoration,” which has other types of prayers, that will set you free and help you during your recovery process. The prayers in “NO MORE SEARCHING!!! Manual of Deliverance, Healing, & Restoration,” are courtesy of Dr. Art Mathias, Wellspring Ministry Alaska; they are taken from his book,“Biblical Foundations of Freedom Destroying Satan’s With God’s Truth.” Let's Pray!

I pray that God will get ahold of the person who is abusing you and set them free by the Power of Jesus’ Blood and that he or she will find rest, healing, deliverance, salvation, and whatever else they need to STOP terrorizing you in the Name of Jesus, the Name that is above EVERY other name!

Father, I also pray for EVERY person who is reading this message and is suffering from ANY KIND of trauma as a result of ANY KIND of abuse, that You would RELEASE them from the bondage of their abuser.

Father, destroy EVERY stronghold in the soul of the person who is being abused; the stronghold that is holding her or him captive in their mind (soul) to the person who is abusing him/her! Father, free this person in his/her emotions from EVERY crippling effect that the abuser has caused or will cause them in the Name of Jesus! Father, You said in Your Word that You have already provided this person a way of escape, therefore show him/her, his/her way of escape and send him/her help to escape the bondage of abuse; it does not matter what kind of abuse he/she is suffering or has suffered!

Father, I thank You for freeing Your people today; Your wounded, heartbroken people who have lost hope!

But God I know You as a Deliver, I know You as a Restorer, I know You as a Healer of broken hearts, I know You as the One who delivered me out of seven abusive marriages – six husbands abused me and I abused one by neglecting him, as I was neglected from birth and by the six husbands – this happened because I was NOT healed or delivered from the previous abuses, before I got involved in another relationship! The lack of deliverance caused me to become bitter, angry, and not know how to receive love! Father, I thank You for bringing me out of my abusive marriages and forgiving me – I forgive myself and my ex-husband whom I neglected, has forgiven me!

Father, I stand in the gap today for EVERY abusive marriage and EVERY abusive relationship (in whatever capacity); I am asking in the Name of Your Son Jesus because I know it is Your will to set these victims of abuse free – Your people God!! Therefore, I am asking You Father to deliver the victims of abuse out of EVERY form of abuse known and unknown to man, like You did for me! I am asking that You heal the victims of abuse like You healed me, from the bondage of abuse and heal their souls so they will NEVER enter into another abusive relationship of any kind – like You did for me Father!

I am asking Father, that You restore unto the victims of abuse, EVERYTHING that they have lost while they were in the abusive relationship, marriage, or any other type of abusive union! Father, restore EVERYTHING that the worm, cankerworm, palmerworm, locust, and the caterpillar has eaten up that belongs to them!

I am asking Father, that You strengthen and establish EVERY person who WERE in ANY forms of abusive relationship, marriage, or union that involved abuse, in Jesus’ Name (I say “were” because after this day, you will rise up in God’s strength and abilities and NEVER be victims of domestic violence [or any other type of abuse] as long as you live)!

Father, open the victim’s eyes so they can believe that Jesus has already set them free, that He died so they could live the abundant life in You!

Open their hearts Father and let them know that the ONLY way for them to obtain their freedom is through Jesus Your Son – Jesus is their Savior and He is the ONLY Way, the Truth, and the Life – no one comes to You Father but through Jesus! Father, You love the ones who are being abused and the abuser very much and You want to see both set free!!

Father, I thank You for breaking and destroying EVERY soul tie between the person who is being abused and the abuser, in the Name of Jesus! Father, heal their heart and deliver the people who are being abused from EVERY form of fear, intimidation, and any other demonic force associated with the abuse! Father, I am asking You to replace fear with Your faith and hate with Your love in Jesus’ Name!

Father, I am also asking that You deliver the children that are involved in ALL abusive situations; God heal the children’s soul (mind, will, and emotions) and please don’t allow them to be affected by the abuse when they grow up – let them be normal according to Your definition when they grow up! I also ask that You deliver, heal, restore, strengthen, and establish EVERY child who are or were affected by ANY kind of abuse, in Jesus’s Name!

Father, You sent me to teach the person who is being abused or were abused how to recover so I ask You to get the glory out of my life as well as their life! I pray this prayer in the Name of Jesus, knowing Father You will deliver, heal, restore, strengthen and establish Your women and men who are being abused in ANY way, Amen!!

Praise God!! Praise God!! Praise God!! God is a GOOD, GOOD Father!! God loves you and the abuser; He rains on the just as well as the unjust and wants both of you all to be set free! God loves the sinner but not the sin – our ways and thoughts are not like God’s!

I want to let you know before you can recover, you must forgive the person who is abusing you or who has abused you; there is no ifs, ands, or buts!! I know, I know, I know, forgiving the person who abuses you is hard, especially having to forgive the person while they are still around you!
God has delivered you out of that abusive situation; just follow His leading – He is there for you and with you so don't give up hope! God is going to show you your escape route soon and very soon – just trust Him! However, in the meantime, you can prepare yourself by forgiving the abuser – get a jumpstart on your recovery process!

The “NO MORE SEARCHING!!! Manual of Deliverance, Healing, & a great resource to help you get started with your recovery process; whether you are in a current abusive relationship or has been in one. In the Manual, I am including some specific prayers which covers specific areas, that most people need to be delivered from, once God brings them out of abusive relationships – these are the same areas, God delivered me from, and more, before and after He brought me out of the last abusive marriage! God delivered me out of the last abusive marriage in the later part of 2006; I have not been nor will I ever be involved again, in ANY type of abusive relationship (family, friends, associates, or husband)!! I now value myself and does not have low self-esteem anymore – I LOVE MYSELF!!!

Using the prayers in the Manual, ask God to set you free from Unforgiveness, Rejection, Soul Ties,Traumas, False Intimacy – Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, and Fear. Also, so you can be set free from any ungodly emotions, that were imbedded in your emotions before you were born, you will pray the Discovery Prayer!

God can do anything but fail – God is an Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful, Loving God, who wants YOU healed and walking in total healing and health – God wants you to not only be whole, but to WALK in wholeness!! When God was taking me through my deliverance, healing, and recovery process, He took me all the way back to when I was in my mother’s womb, and revealed to me that I was not wanted; that messed me up emotionally but God healed my emotions and He is teaching me, that He loves me and that He is MORE THAN ENOUGH for me!!

When I was in the last abusive marriage, I had no hope, no future but God already had prepared my hope and my future for me and I thank Him a million, trillion, zillion times, for bringing me up out of that abuse; the last guy I was married to was worse than ALL the six husbands before him put together!! But God brought me out alive; He later told me that the devil sent that guy into my life to totally destroy me but God did not allow that to happen!!! God stepped in and rescued me; He wants to rescue you too - you are not alone!! God is with you; reach out to Him and don't give up - connect with God!

Another resource for you is Dr. Art Mathias’ ministry, Wellspring Alaska, does counseling over the phone – call them and tell them I referred you. I thank Dr. Mathias and his Staff for their support to me and my organizations-I am using these prayers with his permission. I pray that God will continually bless him, his family, his staff and their families, and his ministry, in Jesus’ Name!
Here is his ministry contact information; also, please contact Wellspring Ministry before you copy or reproduce any of the prayers,“NO MORE SEARCHING!!! Manual of Deliverance, Healing, & Restoration,”to obtain Dr. Mathias’ permission. Thanks!

Dr. Art Mathias
Wellspring Ministries of Alaska
2511 Sentry Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Telephone: 907.563.9033
Web Site:

Click here for PDF version of “God’s Prayer For YOU!”

May God continually bless you and your family,
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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