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"Have the Faith of God: When You Pray!" Part 2-1c-2 July 6, 2014

E. “Agree,” “Agreed,” “Agreeing” – Definition – Part 2-1c-2: The IVP New Testament  Commentarysays this about John 14:13:

"Jesus assures them that I will do whatever you ask in my name (v13), a theme that will be reported throughout the farewell discourse."

When we pray, we are not only to pray in the name of Jesus but pray that God gets the glory out of our lives because when you say those "Name it, claim it" or "Blab it, grab it" type prayers, you are NOT tapping into God's faith; you are telling God what you want, not asking Him what His will is for that situation you are praying for. God's faith is tied to His will - think about it - why would God have faith for something that was not His will? 

When fleshy prayers are prayed, we are not asking God, "God, what is Your will in this matter? I want Your faith to arise in me for this matter." Then, we wait for the Holy Spirit, our Helper & Comforter who Jesus promised to send to us after He departs in John 14:16- 17, to reveal to us God's faith in that matter; to have the faith of God when we pray means to come into agreement with God's faith so His will is done no matter how much we want what we are praying for. Most of the time, we want God to be in agreement with us and make EVERYTHING we pray for come to pass and as the IVP New Testament  Commentary on John 14:13 says, we use the name of Jesus in the wrong way and expect God to answer in our favor! God is NOT a genie in a bottle that you rub when you want your wishes granted!!! The IVP New Testament Commentary also states:

"Praying "in Jesus' name" does not refer to some magic formula added to the end of a prayer. It means to pray in keeping with his character and concerns and, indeed, in union with him. The disciples, through their union with Christ, are taken up into his agenda. This agenda, as throughout his ministry, is to bring glory to the Father (v. 13). This verse has been understood by some Christians to be a blanket promise that Jesus will give them whatever they want. Such idolatry of the self is the very opposite of eternal life. "Whatsoever we ask that is adverse to the interests of salvation, we do not ask in the name of the Savior" (Augustine in John 73.3). Rather, the promise is made to those who will pray in Jesus' name and for the glory of the Father. As such it is a great promise for the advance of God's purposes in oneself, in the church and in the world."

I totally agree!!! God is our everlasting God, our Creator, our Father, and much, much more - our life who loves us very much - so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die for us while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). God deserves to be reverenced, served, praised, and not treated like some kind of slot machine to give us what we want, when we want it, or how we want it!! SHAME ON US!!!

Father, I stop here and repent to You for the foolish things I have done in my ignorance while praying and ask You to forgive me! Thank You Holy Spirit for bringing these things to my remembrance so I can get them right with God, come into the knowledge of His truth, and help others! Thank You Jesus for giving me Your righteousness; I am righteous because of You and no matter what happens in my life, Your righteousness will NEVER depart from me - You are not in the habit of giving gifts and taking them back!! Thank You for loving me, caring for me, and having mercy on me Father, Amen!!


I felt I needed to repent to God for praying "Name it, claim it," "Blab it, grab it" prayers and twisting the Scriptures around for my selfish gain! I was taught in my earlier walk how to pray those wrong prayers to get what I wanted not what God wanted - this was and is wrong! I am not telling you to repent; be led by the Holy Spirit!


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God bless,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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