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Join Me For An Online Bible Study With Bianca Juarez Olthoff, "Play With Fire!"

Hello Everyone,

I want to let you know about a Bible Study that I am excited to be starting soon. It's called Play With Fire, taught by Bianca Juarez Olthoff, a first generation American who loves Scripture and is a phenomenal expositor of the Word. This is her first published book and study, but she's not at all new to the teaching scene and has been a speaker at Christian women's conferences like IF Gathering, Propel Women, Thrive, She Is Chosen, and more! 


If I had to sum up the Play With Fire study in three short bullet points, it would be:


  • You will study five key stories in the Bible when FIRE is referenced to gain new insight into God’s character. He revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush and led the Israelites in a pillar of fire. He walked with the three Hebrew youth in a fiery furnace. His Holy Spirit appeared like tongues of flame above the heads of the early Christians at Pentecost. How cool is that? And what does it all mean? When have you ever studied before the links between all those stories and how God uses fire to reveal His presence to His people?
  • You will discover the personal and powerful nature of the Holy Spirit, and
  • You will start to understand how to identify your spiritual gifts and the unique fire God has placed in you!


Bianca is a powerful and passionate speaker and this study is going to be life-changing! 


I know that life gets BUSY, so this is definitely a come-when-you-can type of Bible study. If you think you can make even 3 or 4 of these dates, then COME! I’d love to have you!


We will have our first meeting on [insert date and time] at [insert location] for a total of five weeks, and we will wrap up before Thanksgiving!


All you will need for the study is a Bible and a copy of the Play With Fire study guide, which is just $7.99 with my coupon code. That’s it! Bianca and the people at FaithGateway are making the companion videos available online for free, so even if you miss a week you can catch up and do the reading on your own.


Plus, to help you get started there are free downloads for Week 1 on the website. Go ahead and sign up to get the first chapters for FREE:


I have put together the complete teaching for Week One, Day 1, for you but you can get your own free materials when you sign up; I am also putting the link to the video by Bianca for Week One.


Click here for Session One, Week One, Day1 teaching


Click here for Week One video teaching by Bianca


God bless you all,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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