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Just wanted to share this exciting news with you about the Passion Play in Germany next year. I have provided a link below for you to read more about this exciting event. The Passion Play depicts the Passions of Christ: it tells of his trial, suffering, and death - all for us. This town in Germany, Oberammergau, made a vow to God if He would save them from the bubonic plague in the 1600s, they would put a play on every ten years in remembrance of their deliverance. When I was in Germany, I got a chance to go to Oberammergau and it is no ordinary town. The whole town is set in a christian setting; it sits on top of this mountain and it is beautiful. This is not just a play to them, this is a sincere honor to God for what He did for them. Every cast member is chosen carefully; especially the persons who portray Jesus and Mary. I hope you will be able to go with me. I will be going for seven or four day in July 2010. Check out the web site.

Dr. Hooks

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