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I haven't been on here in a while....partially bc i hate reliving this part of my past...but i recently talked to some of my family about recent abuse that happened.
I didn't report it to the police simply out of fear and having to go through the time that he was removed from our home back a few years ago. He started trying to push me out of our bed and I kept trying to stay, he finally dragged me out of bed by my ankles...I couldn't figure out why my calves hurt so bad the next day but it was bc i was pulling back trying to stay in bed. I remember him finally flipping me over somehow...I went from one end of the bed to the other...and I heard a scream ...and realized it was me. I ended up somehow with my feet and legs fighting him to get him off me....its somehow bits n pieces i can only remember. I went to a gfz house that day to stay w her n ended up going back to him that night...I sometimes wish I could have actually left him permanantly but I haven't. Just constantly on my guard and I just pray alot.....

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