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Week of April 24th - April 30th Lecture "Our Power and Authority in Christ"


Hi Everyone,


The lecture for this week, April 24th – April 30th, is entitled, “Our Power and Authority in Christ.” This is the last lecture in this course; I pray that you have been blessed by this course. If you have not gotten a chance to complete the previous lectures, that’s ok because this is a free self-paced course and you can begin at any time. The lectures are listed on the Abused Woman Ministries’ School of Healing web site on Facebook and Also, the original teachings are on the School of Healing web site.


We will take a break for the summer but I am not sure when we will start back, what the next course will be, or what we will do next – I have to wait until God give me instructions because I can do nothing without Him. I am quite sure you all will appreciate me waiting on Him to tell me what’s next instead of doing my own thing out of flesh; I want God to lead me in everything I do.


I would really like to hear feedback about this course; please email me with your feedback or go the Ning web site and complete the survey about the AWMSOH and its lectures. Thank you for being a part of the Abused Woman Ministries’ Inc. School of Healing. 


Read the complete lecture by clicking below:



In His Service,

Dr. Hooks

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