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Week of Mar 20th - Mar 26th Lecture - Jealousy & Envy


This is the lecture for the week of Mar 20th – Mar 26th and it is entitled, “Principality of Jealousy & Envy.” This week, we are exposing the spirits of jealousy and envy and all the networking spirits that works in conjunction with them. Therefore, I beseech you to take you time and study this lecture; there is no completion time limit. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes so you can see you.

These lectures are designed to help you with your personal spiritual growth in the things of God and for you to get set free in every area of your life; as needed. I am asking you’ll to please hear my heart this week; satan is not playing games - his ultimate goal is to take us out! I am not trying to put fear on you, because God did not give us the spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind. However, I want you to become aware of how serious a battle of spiritual warfare we are in; it is a fight to the finish – death.

We know we win but if we are not careful, we will be thrown off guard now. The devil is very relentless and will keep pursuing us if we do not know how to resist him and refuse his nature. The information about this week’s lecture is listed below.


Topic & Goal:

Chapter Eight - Principality of Jealousy & Envy - Goals: to define and explain the principality of jealousy & envy. To accomplish this goal, we will:

  • Define Jealousy & Envy
  • Explain The Entry Routes
  • Give God’s Truth
  • Explain How To Be Set Free
  • Give “Freedom Prayer”

Click the link below to access this week’s lecture:


If you have not gotten a chance to complete the previous lectures, that’s ok because the course is self-paced and you can begin at any time. They are listed on the Abused Woman Ministries’ School of Healing web site on Facebook and


Remember, the BFOF Program is free! Don’t forget to go the Ning web site and complete the survey about the AWMSOH and its lectures; I would appreciate your feedback.


Enjoy your journey of freedom - God is preparing you for His use.


God bless,

Dr. Hooks


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