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Week of Mar 27th - Apr 2nd Lecture - "Principality of Fear"

The lecture for the week of Mar 27th – Apr 2nd is entitled, “Principality of Fear.” If you see any fears you are tormented by in this lecture, you can pray the “Prayer to Overcome Fear” and God will deliver you of all those fears. However, if you do not address the fears in your life, they will produce more fears; they will not go away – you must face fear head on. The spirit of fear is nothing to play with; it will not stop until it totally destroys you. You cannot believe God and the devil at the same time. Fear will tell you, "God is not going to help you" but faith says, "No matter what it looks like, God is in total control of my life."

Remember Job? He had secret fears and when they happened, he acknowledged them in Job 3:24-26. He said, “…what I feared the most has come upon me.” Fear is a silent killer of faith and eventually, as I said above, it will kill you if you don’t ask God to deliver you. Your freedom is available today! Additional information about this week’s lecture is listed below.

Topic & Goal:
Chapter Ten - Principality of Fear - Goal: to define and explain the Principality of Fear. To accomplish this goal, we will:
• Define Fear
• Explain How Fear Enters Our Lives
• Discuss Fears That Torment Us
• Answer The Question: “What Is Fear?”
• Explain Why Fear And Faith Equal
• Give A Partial List of Fears
• Give “Prayer For Overcoming Fear”

Click the link below to access this week’s lecture:

If you have not gotten a chance to complete the previous lectures, that’s ok because the course is self-paced and you can begin at any time. They are listed on the Abused Woman Ministries’ School of Healing web site on Facebook and

Remember, the BFOF Program is free! Don’t forget to go the Ning web site and complete the survey about the AWMSOH and its lectures; I would appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy your journey of freedom - God is preparing you for His use.

God bless,
Dr. Hooks

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