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Weekly Devotional for Week of July 4th - Is There Someone You Need To Forgive?

Weekly Devotional for Week of July 4, 2010

Is There Someone You Need To Forgive?

Scripture: “Forgiving one another…even as Christ forgave you.” Col 3:13 NKJV

The greatest power you have over anyone who hurts you, is the power of forgiveness. When you say, “I forgive, and no longer hold it against you,” both sides are set free from the negative bond that exists between you. But there’s more: we also free ourselves from the burden of being the “offended one.” As long as we don’t forgive those who’ve wounded us we take them with us, or worse, carry them like an albatross (millstone) around our neck.

My commentary: My God! That’s something to think about; everywhere we go, we have this weight around our neck, weighting us down with that person or persons – no wonder we feel broke down sometimes – we are carrying the weight of unforgiveness of every person we are offended with. It is time to let it go! Let that stuff go; let people go! Release them into the hands of God and let Him deal with them; it is not worth us losing our soul over. Submit yourselves to God now and resist the devil; don’t listen to his lies telling you keep holding resentment and unforgiveness against that person or people. Jesus said if we do not forgive others of their trespasses, God will not forgive us when we ask Him to forgive our trespasses. Forgiveness is a choice and not a feeling; you can choose to forgive others and still not feel it; don’t let that fool you. You do your part and make the decision to forgive, repent to God for holding unforgiveness against that person, asking God to forgive you, forgive yourself, resist the devil, and God will forgive you. Here is a prayer against unforgiveness, pray it now if you need to; don’t wait until tomorrow because it is not promised to you:

Prayer of Release – Unforgiveness & Bitterness

In the name of Jesus, and as an act of my free will, I purpose and choose to forgive (the person) from my heart for (what they did).

In the name of The Lord Jesus, I cancel (the person’s entire name) debts and obligations to me.

Dear Lord, I ask You to forgive me for my bitterness towards (the person) in this situation.

In the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, I break and cancel Satan's authority over me in this memory and the resulting pain because I have forgiven. I hate the devil.

In the name of Jesus, I command that all the tormentors that have been assigned to me because of my unforgiveness leave me, now. In the name of Jesus, I command the bitterness to go.

Holy Spirit, I invite you into my heart, and to heal me of this pain and hurt. Please speak your words of truth to me about this situation (listen for Holy Spirit to speak concerning this matter and write down what He says so when the enemy tries to come against you again with this, you can put the Word on Him). (End of my commentary).

One of our great temptations is to cling in anger to our enemies, then define ourselves as being wounded by them. Forgiveness, therefore, not only liberates the other party, it liberates us tool! It’s the way to true freedom. Now, forgiving doesn’t always mean forgetting. Though we forgive somebody, the memory of what they did might stay with us a long time. We can carry it in our emotions as a scar, or even in our bodies as a physical sign. But forgiveness changes how we remember. It turns the curse into a blessing.

When we forgive our parents for their divorce, our children for their lack of love, our friends for their unfaithfulness in times of need, our counselors for their bad advice, or our boss for treating us unfairly, we no longer have to experience ourselves as the victims of events over which we have no control.

My Commentary: It’s when we continue to see ourselves as victims that we invite self-pity into our lives. So once we forgive, repent before God, we dispel unforgiveness, self-pity, and all other spirits that comes in because of unforgiveness. Come against self-pity and all other spirits that comes from unforgiveness when you pray the prayer above. We must keep our hearts free from offenses. When offense tries to come, rebuke it immediately; ask God to keep your heart and mind with the peace Christ left for us in John chapter 17. This is that peace which surpasseth all understanding that God said He would use to guard our hearts and minds in Phil 4:7. (End of my commentary).

Forgiveness allows us to take back our power and not let the events embitter, limit, or destroy us. Is there someone you need to forgive?

My Commentary: it there is someone you need to forgive, say the prayer above and get set free today! Release that millstone that is around your neck. Don’t put it off another day. Remember, tomorrow is not promised to any of us. It is not worth losing your soul. Release your offended into God’s hands and pray for their salvation; God can deal with them better than you can.

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Reference: This devotion was taken from “The Word For You Today,” June, July, & August 2010 issue, for July, 5, 2010. Publisher’s information:

P.O. Box 5160

Alpharetta, GA 30023-5160



Happy 4th of July and have a Jesus filled week!


Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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