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Weekly Devotional for Week of November 7, 2010 - Day 1 - 7 of "Fasting from Wrong Thinking" by Pastor Gregory Dickow

Beginning this week, we are going on a 40-day journey (Nov 6 – Dec 16) to “fast from wrong thinking” with Pastor Gregory Dickow; the thinking that keeps us stuck in the past and keeps us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus died so we could live. The abundant life can only be lived out when we walk the path God has already chosen for us. The abundant life is when we walk in obedience to God, acknowledging Him in all our ways; it not having the best car or a million-dollar house – those are just some of the benefits of being obedient to God.

The abundant life Jesus died so we could have access too is a life of serving God and His people; then God will pour us out a blessing we have not room enough to receive. Yes, paying our tithes opens us up to live the abundant life – it is an obedient act; we are obeying what God says to do. Remember, obedience is the key – Isaiah 1:19 says: “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land” ( Then after this 40-day journey, we are going to go into Part 2 of the “Fasting from Wrong Thinking” series, “Fasting from Wrong Thinking: Financial Freedom & Peace” which is for 26 days; this will begin on Dec 16th and go until Jan 10th. I know and understand that the holiday season is upon us and that you will be busy but it is only going to take about 15 or 20 mins to read these instructions daily on how to get rid of these negative thought processes and actions. We must decide TODAY, are we going to get rid of our “stinking thinking” or go on year after year in our same way and think those negative thoughts and actions are going to go away on their own – they are not.

This is the time now where the rubber meets the road, Jesus is coming soon, and this is no time to fool around with things that is not going to prosper you anything. We must shake ourselves and awake from this dead sleep we have and continue to walk in; awake to the things of God and stop trying to create our own abundant life with material things. Therefore, let’s begin this 40-day journey (Nov 6 – Dec 16) of “Fasting from Wrong Thinking” and allow Pastor Dickow to pour into us what God has put on his heart to help us get rid of our thinking and allow Christ’s mind to infiltrate our mind. Because the new year is coming and I don’t know about you but I do not want to carry the way I think sometimes now over into 2011. I found out, sometimes your mind automatically thinks a certain way about somebody or something. That is why we need the mind of Christ operating in our mind continually. So let’s get started tomorrow on a journey that will change our thought life; it will cancel the lies the devil feeds us through negative thoughts. I put this 40-day and 26-day challenge before you; the choice is yours!

Link to Introduction for “Fasting from Wrong Thinking”

Link to Day 1 – 7 Reading Plan for "Fasting from Wrong Thinking"

God bless you all,

Dr. Hooks

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