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When I woke up this morning, God had this message on my heart. I believe it is because I watched the video listed below before I went to sleep. However, the plight of the poor has been heavily upon my heart for the last week! My heart goes out to the poor and disadvantaged and I am praying to God for Him to show me what I can do to help them!!! This is the message I woke up with:
We need God like never before!!! Run to Jesus!! He is the ONLY answer!!! He is the ONLY One who can touch the heart of a man - IF the man opens his heart for God to touch!!!  It is very hard for a cold hearted person's heart to be touched but NOT IMPOSSIBLE!! Look at Pharaoh - in both senses - after God softened his heart so he released the Israelites and how he was eventually destroyed for trying to destroy God's people!! Whether you believe it or not, God is in control!!! Whether you believe there is a true and living God or not, He exist!! Because you do not believe there is a God does not change who He is nor His existence!!!!! And as my best friend always says, "He sits high and He looks low!!!" God sees how His people are being treated and He said vengeance belongs to Him and He will repay!!! When HE get ready is up to Him; He will move when He gets ready!!!! See He is giving man time to repent and turn to Him from his/her wicked ways but soon, the wait will be over!!! Don't get caught like Pharaoh - him and his army drowned trying to destroy God's people!!!!! Every day the very poor and poor people are being oppressed, depressed and suppressed - not necessarily in that order!!! In Feb Romney said he is not concerned with the very poor!! This is the man who is running for president; who is supposedly trying to better the economy! How is he suppose to do that when he is not concerned with the very poor? That is why he is planning on cutting every program for the low income family, elderly, disabled, etc. - anyone who is not in his class!! He is only concerned about the rich and big corporations!!

Check out this video on YouTube where Dr. Cornell West and Travis Smiley talks about poverty in America!! Poverty is going to be the downfall of this country!! The rich has money but they are not satisfied so they keep taking from the poor until the poor becomes poorer (they steal all their hopes and dreams by not allowing them to get a foothold in their financial situation, next thing you know, families are  sleeping under bridges, in alleyways, in their cars, begging on street corners for food, etc. Then people who have start complaining about the people sleeping in parks and begging on the street!!!).

The rich then goes to the next poor person and start the process all over; like a bunch of parasites!! They are sucking the poor people dry and they are growing in strength!! BUT God!!! God will deliver His people!!! He WILL say "Enough is enough!!!!!"

Trust in God because He has not given up on you!!! Embrace Him and His love for you and it will sustain you until He gives you your exodus from Pharaoh-bring you out of bondage in Egypt into your promise land!!! All hope is not lost; hope in the Lord - look to Him to bail you out and not a man!!!

There is nothing wrong with being rich but when God blesses us to be rich, He wants us to help someone up (not a hand out but a hand up); we are blessed to be a blessing to someone else!!!

The Bible tells us that it is God who gives us the power to get wealth (He gives is witty inventions, ideas on how to make money and keep a steady cash flow coming); contrary to what you  may think, if you are rich, you or your family did not come up with the idea on how to make your money on your own - it came from God (He rains on the just as well as the unjust - again, giving people time to repent and turn to Him)!!!

The Bible also ask us a question in 1 John 3:17: “But whoever has the world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?" This Scripture says it all!!! God blesses us not for us to be selfish and hoard everything up for ourselves but to help others!!! We need to be good stewards over the money God gives us!!! Stop looking for the government, churches, other organizations or someone else to help the poor when you are living in God's overflow, YOU help them in whatever way God tell you; open YOUR heart and allow Him to speak to you!!! The Bible also let us know if WE give it will be given back to us in full-pressed down, shaken together and running over will it be given back to you (Luke 6:38)!

My prayer is: "God help us all, in the Name of Jesus"!!!
Here is the video!!!
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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