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Parents make sure you tell your children you love them every day!!! No exceptions!!! It does not matter whether or not if you believe they know you love them already!!! Tell them and show them!! Don't holler at them and call them names or cuss at them!! You will be creating dysfunctional children!! Fathers, it is imperative that you  show your daughters love; if you don't you will cause her to look for love in men who will abuse her-I know, it happened to me more than seven times (that is the number of marriages I was in-not counting relationships where I was looking for love because my father never showed me love and still do not today-no matter how much I have reached out to him; he refuses to have a relationship with me). I am not saying this to trash my father, let me make that clear-I love my father and I have forgiven him-he probably does not know how to love and he was probably treated the same way he treats me by his parents so he does not know any better.
This is why I am talking to you parents about loving your children NOW before they grow up and mistreat THEIR children because of what they learned as a child!!! I used myself as an example of what happened to me to show you what could and what most likely will happen if there is no relationship between daughter and father. Girls need more attention than boys but boys still need to be shown love.
There is an emptiness within us that requires us to have relationships with our parents, family and friends (on the human side-of course the first relationship is between God and ourselves). Each of the above people have a different place in our hearts (you will not love them the same).
We all need love to survive!!! God showed us the greatest form of love when He loved us while we were still sinners and sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for us!! We are to love one another so people of the world will see we are children of God!!! There is a bond between parent and children that cannot be broken; I don't care what happen. I love my family and it does not matter how they feel about me!!
A child at birth knows the difference between its mother and someone else. A child depends on its mother to take care of him/her if no one else does. A girl depends on her father to protect her and love her if no one else does; her father is her super hero!!! Parents again, take care of your own children!! Don't put them off on other people to be abused and mistreated!!! Don't talk to them any kind of way; they will NEVER forget it!!! No, that is a lie, time does not heal old wounds; it makes them fester and eventually, it will explode!!! The person who is in the way when it does happen, is going to get the full rage of it!!
Why do you think there are serial killers? Why you think there are social paths? Why do you think there are people who have all types of mental disorders and social behaviors?? They did not choose to be that way; it came from the way they were treated when they were a child. I have studied psychology for over 20 years and it has been proven that the way a child is treated from birth on... determines how he or she will be when they grow up. If a child is abused or in a household where the mother or others are abused, the child will grow up thinking abuse is normal behavior; he or she will either get into an abusive relationship or become the abuser themselves - abuse is a learned behavior!!
This was on my heart to talk to you parents!! And I know it came from God; I was sitting here doing something else when it came to me to write this blog! God wanted me to tell you to love and support your children; help them where you can-even if they get into trouble-don't throw them away because they make mistakes-love them anyway!!! God still love you when you make mistakes and He help you-even when you are serving Him-He said He rain on the just as well as the unjust so love your children through action and telling them!! Hug them and tell you love them!! If you hug them while they are young, when they get older and you try to hug them, they will not pull away and think it is awkward!!
I am not just saying God put this on my heart because I want you to read and believe it; that is up to you - accept it or don't accept it - I don't lie on God!! But I pray as you read this, the Holy Spirit will give you a witness in your spirit that what I am writing here is true and God will heal you everywhere you hurt and heal your broken relationships with your children and other family members!! It is time for families to stop bickering, fussing, fighting, hating, etc. each other over stupid stuff and come together in love!! Put old junk behind you all and move forward!! It does not matter what happened to cause you all to stop speaking, now is the time for families to come together in love and unity.
The devil is the author of confusion and he does not want families or anyone else to come together; he love to cause confusion in relationships!!
Choose today to allow God to restore your relationship with your family; if there never was one, as God to show you what needs to be done to create one! Love your family no matter what! It all begins with you!!
Peace to you and your families!! God loves you all sooooooooo much!!!
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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