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Abused Woman Ministries Inc. Healing Resource Center - Overview

God impressed upon my heart to create this page, as a resource for people suffering from any type of sickness. God wants you to be reminded that His Son Jesus, has already paid the price for your healing; you are already healed! God also wants you to be encouraged and know that you are not alone; He is with you. 

I too am in a faith fight with things happening in my body, so I understand where you are coming from; we are learning how to believe God for our healing manifestation, together. We are going to walk out our healing by faith in what Jesus has done; standing on the Word of God. 

On this Page, I will post new teachings, prayers, and whatever other resource on healing, God instructs me to post here. You are welcome to print any information you see, for your personal study; please don't use the materials in any professional writings or books-they are copied written materials and belong to myself or others.

Once you highlight the “Healing Resource Center” tab, you can click that tab to do a search for a particular topic or click one of the two drop down menus (“Healing Prayers” or “Healing Teachings”), to see what topics are listed there. Some of the “Healing Prayers” and “Healing Teachings” are a compliment of resources, I already had on my website but God’s Word never gets old; God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

God bless you and you embark on your healing journey; using your faith to fight for what is yours. Remember, the devil does not want you to succeed but be determined and take your healing by force; it is yours! Be consistent in your pursuit of your healing manifestation. Don't let NOTHING stop you; declare and decree the Word of God over your body and life DAILY! Consistency is the KEY, that will UNLOCK your healing! If you have any questions, email me at

Tab Sections:

  • Healing Prayers & Scriptures– for the Daily Physical Prayers and the Daily Confession Prayer, the attachment will be in Microsoft Word, so you can customize it to your specific need/situation.

          *Daily Confession Prayer

          *Christian Word Ministries Healing Prayers (Body, Spirit, & Soul of  Man)

          *Prayer Against Domestic Violence

          *”I Choose to Heal” by Pastor Sharon Riley

          *Healing Scripture Resources – various websites with healing Scriptures

  • Healing Teachings: Individual & Series. These teachings on healing, are to encourage you.

Click here for PDF version of AWMHRC Overview

God's Servant,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks 

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