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Getting to The Root of Our Problem: Sickness - Session 13 - Part B & B-1

III.   Toxic Emotions: Forgiveness – Session 13 - Parts B & B-1

Forgiveness is important in a person’s life because the toxic emotions listed above create diseases in their souls and physical bodies; there is a connection between a person’s thoughts and a disease/sickness. The validity of this concept of mind and body connection, will be explained using three points of views: personal testimony by Dr. Art Mathias, who has conducted much research on unforgiveness and its correlation between mind and body, medicine/psychology, and Spiritual; they are all in agreement with each other. Here are the three points of views about the mind and body connection:

1. First Point of View – Personal - Part B-1:

Dr. Mathias, who I am affiliated with, was healed in January 1999 from a disease called, “Environmental Illness;” after discovering he had toxic emotions (unforgiveness, fear, and resentment), he repented and God healed him. This is what Dr. Mathias said:

“When I went before God and dealt with my sins of unforgiveness and resentment, and cast off fear, God was faithful: He healed me. He produces a radical change in my health that was obvious to many people. People started asking what had happened. I had changed physically, and they saw the difference in my appearance.”

This is my mini testimony: From childhood I have been hurt many times by people but I still had to forgive them; it does not matter what they did to me. I also had to forgive myself for making unwise decisions and mistakes throughout my life.

I use to live in shame, regret, guilt, confusion, fear, anxiety, etc. until God let me knew I had to forgive not only the people but myself. It was not easy but He helped me to forgive and that forgiveness set me free from the other bondages. You must deal with what happened to you! I said before, time does not heal old wounds! But forgiveness does; there is power and freedom in forgiving someone or yourself.

2. Second point of view – Medicine/Psychology – Part B-1:

Dr. Mathias said there are hundreds of studies that have confirmed negative emotions suppress the immune system. This happens because when our immune system is suppressed, any disease can take over. These studies also confirm that positive emotions enhance the immune system. There is an entire disciple within psychology, called Psychoneuroimmunology, which studies the interaction or interrelations of emotions and behaviors and how they affect the endocrine or hormonal system and the immune system. Psychology teaches that our psychological state (the way we choose to respond to stress and Stress is thought to affect immune function through emotional and/or behavioral manifestations such as  anxiety, fear, tension, anger and sadness and physiological changes such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sweating.) creates a central nervous system response (electrical), and endocrine system response (hormonal) and a behavioral change that may result in an immune system change that cause disease susceptibility.

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Healing Prayer for 7-10-17

God bless you all,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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