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Getting to The Root of Our Problem: Sickness - Session 6 Parts E-a-2 to E-a-3 (Continued)

I. What  Word  Says  About  Sickness:  Session  6  -  Part  E-a-2  – Whatever Contrary to Word is a Weapon (continued)

Jesus did not ask him that! We FIND a way to do what we want to do! TODAY (or night – wherever you are reading this message), Jesus is asking you the same question, “Do you want to be made whole?” Are you going to answer Jesus? I pray you do and that your answer will be “Yes” and not give Him any excuses. Allow Jesus to do whatever it takes to make you whole; allow Holy Spirit to work in you so you can be healed!

We are co-laborers with Christ (1 Corinthians 3:9), therefore, we must stop sitting back expecting God to do it all; we are to do what we are supposed to do (trust God and believe His Word) and allow God to do what He do. Jesus has secured our healing and eternal life for us so all we have to do is believe His finished work; fight the good fight of faith – not be shaken by anything!

Years ago, I had gone to my Doctor’s office and they took blood; the blood test said I had a blood clot in my lung. Immediately, I told the Doctor, “No I don’t!” My faith had been supercharged the night before at Church; I had heard the Word and the Pastor had prayed for me. So, why would I have a blood clot? The Paramedics were called to rush me to the hospital; I did not want to go but I went on! When I got to the hospital, they began running tests. As I was waiting for the results of the lung scan, I heard God clearly; He asked me one question, “Whose report are you going to believe?” I immediately said, “I am going to believe Your report!” The test came back negative; ALL of them!

I. What  Word  Says  About  Sickness:  Session  6  -  Part  E-a-3  – Whatever Contrary to Word Is a Weapon

If I would have agreed with the test, I would have had a blood clot in my lungs but I CHOSE to believe what the Word said; by Jesus’ stripes, I WAS healed!

It was a fact that the test was positive for a blood clot BUT the Word trumps the test! The Word of God makes everything else null and void that comes to destroy us; EVERYTHING MUST bow at the Name of Jesus!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! The devil has power but God has ALL Power!! Our faith should be in God’s grace for our healing to manifest in our body, not in works! We will NEVER do anything to deserve His grace – Jesus did it!

**To make it clear, I want to say in no way am I saying to stop taking your medicine, or not go to a Doctor, or even ignore your symptoms! I am saying begin to speak to your body and declare the Word of God over it and get instructions for your situation, from the Holy Spirit.**

God gave my Pastor instructions for me, after the recently diagnosed me with autoimmune disease; I had all the symptoms – severe allergies to food and medications. I followed the Apostles instructions about having Communion at home (I took the crackers I eat and grape juice to the Church and he blessed it). The first test was done in January. I went back May 1st after he received the results from the test in April (he reordered the test) and the test showed NO autoimmune disease! Praise God! I still have allergies but I am believing God for my TOTAL healing manifestation in my body – I believe the Word!

Click here for PDF version of S6 Parts E-a-2 & E-a-3

Click here for Healing Prayer for 6-19-17

Beginning today, I will include a healing prayer so you can pray for God to release your healing in your body, that Jesus has ALREADY provided for YOU!! Healing is YOURS ALREADY!!! Jesus gave it to YOU!! Don't let the devil steal it; he is a liar and the truth is not in him!!!

Wherever you need healing, your soul or body, it is yours already!! Begin to declare and decree the Word of God over your soul, asking God to release your healing, deliverance, and restore for your soul, that Jesus already provided you! Then watch your body come in line with the Word of God! Trauma starts in the soul and spreads to your body! EVERY hurtful, traumatic thing that you have ever went through, all the way back to when you were in your mother's womb, causes trauma in your soul (old man - new man comes when you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior). In order for us to live the abundant life Jesus died for us to live, we MUST get the trauma out of our souls! When we are bore again, our spirit man is born again, not the soul; therefore, it is up to us to partner with Holy Spirit, so He can go deep into our souls and get the junk out!

Why not begin today, asking first Jesus to become Lord of your life, by accepting Him as your Lord and Savior? The Holy Spirit then comes and regenerate your spirit man immediately; connecting you to God - your fellowship is restored with God because of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. Then you can partner with Holy Spirit, by asking Him to go deep into your soul, and release your healing, Jesus provided for you; to cleanse your soul from all trauma, drama, chaos, hurt, pains, wounds, etc.

Stay the course; it probably want happen over night but God deals with each person differently. For me, I had layers and layers and layer, of issues in my soul, so it took years for me to be delivered, healed, and restored; restoration is a process and must go through it completely, to be able to live the abundant life, Jesus died for us to live - free to serve and worship God, doing what He called us to do!

We have been given the ministry of reconciliation; we are to go out and tell people about Jesus, so Jesus can restore them and bring them to the Father! We are to love on broken people so they will know the love of God and that God has not forgotten them but God loves them and what to see them set free out of bondage!

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God bless you all and your families; keeping you all safe! Have a blessed week!

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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