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AWM Violence & Abuse Recovery Program Agenda Session One Part 1B – Oct 8, 2013


AWM Violence & Abuse Recovery Program Agenda Session One Part 1B – Oct 8, 2013


1. Start session with prayer – ask Holy Spirit to give you understanding and give you inner healing


2. Study each part of session highlighted – this program as well as the other ones focus on healing of the spirit, soul, & body


3. Rap Up – write down any questions you may have and send them to me before the next part is sent to you on Tuesday Oct 15, 2013


4. Homework: complete any homework for this session and return to me before next Tuesday Oct 15, 2013 


5. Close in Prayer – just pray what you feel in your heart





Violence & Abuse Recovery Program

Lesson: Session One – Part 1B – Study This


Open in prayer: Father I thank You for giving these group members Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding as they study this teaching; help them to recover completely in the Name of Jesus, Amen!


Session One’s Goal: to define Violence & Abuse

  • List Types of Abuse – Part 1A - Oct 1st
  • Define each type – Part 1A - Oct 1st
  • Discuss the Cause & Effect of Abuse – Part 1B - Oct 8th
  • Discuss the Cycle of Violence in Domestic Abuse – Part 1C - Oct 15th 
  • Explain God’s final word on generational sin (Ezekiel 18) – Part 1D - Oct 22nd  
  • Closing Scriptures & Prayers Against Domestic Violence – Part 1D - Oct 22nd


Cause & Effect of Abuse - Part 1B: Oct 8th

Cause of Abuse: Most times the abuser has been abused themselves. Violence runs from one generation to the other until someone decides to STOP the behavior, receive healing, and begin teaching those within their family how to live free from violence and abuse.


So anger and fear are the root causes for inflicting violence and abuse. Because the abuser fears being out of control, they dominates and controls the victim; exerting their power over and over again. The method the abuser uses with the victim, are the same kind they received when they were abused. They learn other forms of abuse through methods such as: pornography opens the door to sexual abuse/pseudo masochism, etc.


(A sadomasochist is basically someone with the fetish of hurting others/being hurt in a sexual way. It stands for sadism/masochism.


Masochism: sexual pleasure obtained from receiving punishment (physical or psychological)


Sadism refers to sexual or non-sexual gratification in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person. Masochism refers to sexual or non-sexual gratification from receiving the infliction of pain or humiliation.


Effects of Abuse: Victims of violence and abuse often lose all sense of self. They begin to see themselves in the actions and words of their abuser. They will often end up thinking that their life is hopeless and that they somehow deserve to be handled the way the abuser is treating them – the devil always try to make people hopeless so they can commit suicide.


Fear and intimidation are the effects of abuse. Sometimes, victims will become angry and lash out at the abuser, even murdering the perpetrator to end the cycle of abuse.


Click here for PDF copy of "Violence & Abuse" Session 2 Oct 8 2013 


In His Service,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks



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