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August 14, 2022, Daily Scriptures w/Declarations taken from Pastor Clint Byars’ Teaching, “New Creation Identity Scriptures”

Hello everyone, beginning today, we will be meditating on scriptures, which will help us persuade our hearts, of who we are in Christ Jesus, and because of Christ Jesus. Each day, I will send you all two scriptures, and confessions for those scriptures – Pastor Clint has already added the confession for each scripture. Click here for the link to all of the scriptures and confessions. Below is the teaching that goes along with those scriptures and confessions. It’s time we got serious about who we are in Christ and these scriptures and confessions from Pastor Clint, will help us do just that. Let’s start!

“First Person New Creation Identity Statements”
Clint Byars

Forward Ministries

There is nothing left for you to do to be a good Christian. There is nothing left for you to do to be accepted by God. But there is something for you to do to walk in your true identity in Christ and see the manifestation of God's promises in your life. Grace is available to teach you to live well and walk in the blessing God has for you, but it takes faith to access that grace. Faith is not your ability to believe, it's your dependence on God. Faith is not what you do to get God to respond to you, faith is your response to what God has done in Christ. Faith is what you use to access grace to experience everything you have in Christ. And the way you grow great faith is to renew your mind in the finished work of Jesus (Highlighted by me). Use this list of identity passages to persuade your heart of your true spiritual identity. Confess these passages out loud, not to make them true but to acknowledge that they are already true. You truly are a New Creation in Christ!!

Scriptures w/Confessions:

Click here for PDF Version of "August 14, 2022, Daily Scriptures w/...

God’s BLESSINGS to you all and your families!! Keep STANDING on the Word!!

God’s daughter,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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