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Emotional Healing Series - Part 1A for October 24, 2012

Emotional Healing Through Dealing with Past Issues – Part 1A (click here for PDF version)


NOTE: REMEMBER, as previously stated, this series was written on October 1st and God has delivered me since then; I wrote it as it was given to me at that time!


To get a clear picture of dissociative disorders, dissociation should first be understood. Dissociation is a mechanism that allows the mind to separate or compartmentalize certain memories or thoughts from normal consciousness. These split-off mental contents are not erased. They may resurface spontaneously or be triggered by objects or events in the person's environment.

I would like to pause here and share from my heart my story of what happened to me recently; this is the reason God has me writing this to you: right now, issues from my childhood and from the last abusive marriage that I had not dealt with has come up – I did not know this until something very traumatic happened to me a couple of weeks ago which triggered old memories – now I have no choice but to deal with them. Due to my traumatic childhood and abuse, my mind automatically separated those bad memories in a compartment of its own – I hardly have any childhood memories but of the bad ones – although I do remember going to live with my great, great, grandmother at the age of two and that she loved me very much; however, I do not remember not much in between. God has already helped me deal with a lot and delivered me; I thought everything was all gone until the thing which happened to me a couple of weeks ago traumatized me all over – it struck a nerve which threw me back into the pain of my past.

God loves us so very much that He wants us to be totally free and He will work in us until every hidden thing is revealed so we can be free; all we have to do is open up to God and allow Him to do whatever needs to be done in us and I thank Him for not giving up on me! I have been asking God what was wrong with me after that incident because I knew something was going on – what happened should not have had an effect on me. God let me knew I had not dealt with EVERYTHING that happened to me as a child or in the last abusive marriage. God knows the affect those events throughout my life would have on me if I would have dealt with them all at once; that is why He allowed me to deal with them little by little.

God deals with each person in different ways; I know with me, He begun years ago (when he was delivering me out of the last abusive marriage) with my deliverance and healing process – I had many, many issues. Because of this and since God had delivered me from many issues, I thought everything was gone but God let me knew it was not. The incident that happened to me shows that after the domestic violence or childhood abuse or any other traumatic experience you might have suffered, it is important to make sure, all the issues are dealt with because until they are, the memories are still there hidden in a compartment in your mind – any other traumatic event will trigger them. This is why so many people have "triggers" years later after being traumatized; they have not dealt with the issue or issues which caused them pain in the first place!

When God first begin my deliverance process of having me deal with issues from my childhood years ago, He took me back to before I was born (while I was in my mother’s womb); He revealed something shocking to me.


Emotional Healing Series - Part 1B will be posted by October 25, 2012

God's Servant,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks Registered & Protected


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