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The Synopsis of “Unholy Matrimony: Healing For The

          Abused Woman 2nd Edition”


In the 2nd Edition of Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks’ book, “Unholy Matrimony: Healing For The Abused Woman,” she talks about the consequences of marrying outside the will of God. Dr. Hooks states, “We form ungodly soul ties and get involved with ungodly people when we don’t acknowledge God in all our ways. This can and most likely will cause us to become victims of domestic violence.”

Dr. Hooks believes it is very important not to marry without first making sure the two are compatible with each other (only God’s knows and He will let the persons know) if they consult Him. In this book, Dr. Hooks fully explains soul ties, their results on the individual, offer a prayer to be delivered from soul ties and much, much more.

“Unholy Matrimony: Healing For The Abused Woman” is dedicated to all the women (men too have benefited from the book) who have been abused in their relationships and to those who have not been abused. To those who have been abused and are not free from soul ties and the effects of domestic violence/abuse, this book can give you hope. To those who have not been abused, this book is a manual which will teach you how not to be abused. Through Dr. Hooks’ experiences, you will see how God brought her out of bondage, and healed and restored her. Today, Dr. Hooks is allowing God to have total control of her life and she gives all the glory, honor, and praise to God for her life!

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Publication date: 1/23/2011


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Regular Price for Book Only: $10.00  But it is FREE FOR OCTOBER ONLY! October is domestic violence awareness month, therefore,  I will be giving away a copy of my eBook, "Unholy Matrimony: Healing For The Abused Woman 2nd Ed."


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Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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