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"Have the Faith of God: When You Pray!" Parts 2 & 2-1a June 15, 2014

II. What Does It Mean to “Have the Faith of God?”- Session II – Part 2

My friend Ced called me and I begin to tell him about what happened (very emotionally) and he shared with me what the Word says about believing! In that instant, the Holy Spirit quicken me with the revelation about the way I had been believing all my life! I was speechless – the only thing I could say was “Oh my God” – that was the only thing that would come out my mouth; I said it over and overJ! God let me knew I had been believing wrong: I had been using MY faith (the thought that everything I prayed for would happen regardless of what God wanted) to believe and NOT God’s faith – there is a BIG difference! Having God’s faith means you believe the way God believe in and for that circumstance and agree with His outcome! When you believe using your faith, you believe for the outcome you want, regardless of what God want or the consequences that can come with that thing; you don’t even consider what God want!

I immediately begin to search out “What does having God’s faith mean?” This teaching is a result of what I found, being led by the Holy Spirit, along with what God gave me to write. The first information I found was in a blog by Troy J. Edwards titled “The God-Kind of Faith”; this is what Mr. Edwards said:

"Mental acknowledgment of God's promises have failed us every time. Yet when we meditate upon God's Word, God - the Holy Spirit imparts life in His Word and produces faith in us which causes us to have complete unwavering confidence in what we do not yet see in the physical - Heb. 11:1). God has complete and perfect confidence in His power and ability to bring to pass that which He decrees (not what we decree-we should believe as God believe and the ONLY way to do that is have His kind of faith imparted to us by the Holy Spirit as we get into His Word). The object of God's faith is confidence and certainty - God never doubts Himself and He wants us to have the same confidence and certainty."

Having the faith of God means it is NOT because of who we are that we get what we get but it is because of who God is and His perfect will for our lives; God gives us what is BEST for us! The God kind of faith is produced in us by God Himself through the Person of the Holy Spirit! Colossians 2:12 says:

“Having been buried with Him in your baptism, in which you were also raised with Him through faith produced within you by God who raised Him from among the dead” (Wesley New Testament via Troy J. Edwards article).

The God kind of faith is a supernatural faith and it comes only from God; we cannot muster this kind of faith up out of our flesh – it is NOT human faith! This is what Troy Edwards says the God kind of faith or the faith of God which is another name for the God kind of faith is:

“The faith that the Holy Spirit imparts as a result of His pure and perfect Word.”

In order for God’s faith to operate in us, we must allow it; we must make our minds up to allow God’s faith to operate in us and NOT our human faith! We must STOP expecting to get EVERY prayer answered “just because of who we are” – thinking we are entitled to get everything we pray for because we are naming the Name of Jesus; we are no one without Christ and cannot do NOTHING without Him!

God looks at the BIG picture when He answer our prayers but we look at the moment; what we want for the moment – not thinking about the long haul – we want instant gratification and it does not matter about the consequences!

I am not saying don’t expect God to answer in your favor when you answer, I am saying ask God for His will to be done in spite of what you want; yes, make your request known to Him but tell Him not your will but His be done. When you “declare and decree” a thing, remember, it is according to God’s will whether or not it comes to pass; He knows us and God knows what is best for us!!

Jesus lets us know in Mark 11:22 that we are to “…Have faith in God” (1599 Geneva The faith of God is that assured faith (in God’s abilities) and trust which we have in Him (Footnotes to “Have faith in God” – 1599 Geneva Bible).

A. “Agreed” – Amos 3:3 – Part 2-1a: The Holy Spirit is the One who lets us know what the faith of God is in a matter; therefore, our faith should be in agreement with God’s faith since we have His faith – it should line up with God’s faith! This goes back to the question God asked Israel in Amos 3:3: “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” (1599 Geneva Bible –

The word “agreed” here means the agreement between God and His Prophet – the one who God used to speak to the people. The Prophet was letting the people know he was not speaking of himself but as God guided and moved him (Footnotes from 1599 Geneva Bible – Therefore, if the Prophets of old was in agreement with God (they went in the same direction as He did – they thought like God, otherwise, God could not have been able to use them – they had God’s faith), we also art to be in agreement (have God’s faith) with God – God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! There is NO WAY we can be in agreement with someone (God or anyone else) and don’t believe like he or she believes! That is why it is very important to know who you are agreeing with or who is agreeing with you!

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God bless,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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