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Journey of Freedom "Importance of Forgiveness" Recovery Program Complete Series

The “Importance of Forgiveness” Recovery Program is a 7 week Program designed to help people get rid of toxic emotions (of anger, hatred, jealousy, rejection, fear, pride, bitterness, etc.) that has been caused by the trauma (abuse, sexual assault, etc.) they have suffered throughout their lives so they can recover; the recovery process begins when they decide to forgive – forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling!! Therefore, the person cannot receive complete recovery until these unresolved issues (toxic emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, rejection, fear, pride, bitterness, etc.) are gone from their lives. Those toxic emotions can cause all sorts of diseases in your souls and physical bodies. That is why forgiveness is so important; unforgiveness plays a big role in how we live our lives and how we react to things in our lives. As we get into the details of the program later, you will see how unforgiveness can create havoc in our lives and cause us to have unhappy relationships with family, friends, spouses, etc.

The journey may not be easy but God got you in the palm of His hand and nothing and nobody will be able to pluck you out!! God will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!! Trust Him!!

You WILL move forward; not backward!!! You ARE gaining your momentum; God is catapulting YOU into YOUR destiny!!! Welcome to YOUR "Journey of Freedom!!" Let the Recovery begin!!! We are praying for YOU!!

May God give you the strength you need for your journey!

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God bless,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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