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The Bible tells us to go to our brother if he a grievance against us and make peace with them and then come back and present our gift at the altar (Matthew 5:23-24); some people might not want to make peace with us so we should ask God what is the best time to do this – especially if we are dealing with an unreasonable person!! God will let us know when the right time to approach the person is; sometimes it might take years before you can go to them. Recently, I got the chance to ask someone I had hurt over 13 years ago to forgive me; I had been looking for him since 2009/2010 searching on the internet but just the end of July this year, God allowed us to connect just for a brief time for me to ask him to forgive me – that was God!! God knew it was on my hurt and I wanted to ask his forgiveness and God made it so; he accepted my forgiveness and told me to “live in peace!” After that, he was gone again; that is how I know it was God!! So if we want to do right, love people the way God says to love them, regardless of what, God will help us!!

If you go to apologize and the person does not accept it, forgive them anyway and move on!! God sits high and He looks low and He sees everything that people do to us or we do to them!! The Bible also tells us to follow peace with all men if it is possible; sometimes it is not possible because the other person is unreasonable! But we must do what is right in the sight of God and leave the other person to God!!

The Bible lets us know not to fret ourselves because of evil doers; not that you want anything bad to happen to them but God is a God of justice and we reap what we sow!! You sow evil you will reap evil but if you sow good you reap good; contrary to what it may seem like at the time! Sometimes when we sow good it will seem like we are getting evil in return; because the person we sow good to has evil in their hearts and they want to use us!! But all is well because God will take what the devil meant for evil and turn it around for our good (Genesis 50:20); (John 10:10); Romans 8:28 lets us know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called for His purpose!!!

Therefore, we should not become downhearted or lose hope when we do good to someone from our heart (with the right motive – looking for NOTHING in return) and they take advantage of us or mistreats us; God sees what we have done - He sees our heart - we can't expect anything from that person we helped because God will repay us!!!! We must keep our faith in God!!! We must keep our eyes on Him!!! We should not do things for people to get recognition from them; we have our reward if we do!!!

In our “wisdom” we would think God wants us to help everybody but that is not always the case; sometimes God wants that person to lean and depend on Him but we butt in and help them when God did not tell us to!! Therefore, we must learn to ask God before we help someone; especially when finances are involved. If we keep bailing someone out, they will constantly look to us to bail them out – all we are doing is becoming a crutch for them and helping them NOT look to God for help!!

We need to acknowledge God in ALL our ways and allow Him to direct our path; then we will not get hurt for doing for people who use and abuse us!! If we ask God first, He will reveal the heart of that person and let us know if we are being played -this goes for helping family members, friends, church members, whoever!! If we do this, we will save ourselves a whole lot of pain, suffering, and falling out with people – this will help keep confusion out of our relationships!!!

I feel led here to stop and say a prayer for myself and for the ones who has hurt me:

“Father I forgive and release everyone to You who has hurt me in any way from birth until now and I ask You to bless them and open the eyes of the ones’ hearts who need salvation so they can accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Forgive them Father for hurting me in whatever way they have caused me harm (emotionally, physically, psychologically, financially, etc.) and heal me in every area of my life where I have been damaged by them and remove all scars and pain from my heart and body, in the Name of Jesus; the Name that is above every other name and above everything and everybody else, Amen!!!”

I pray the same prayer for each of you; all who have been used and abused by people - whether intentionally or unintentionally - the pain is still sever!! I pray that God will give you peace in the midst of confusion and that He gives you all strength to go through whatever storm you are going through and prepare you for your next storm!!! Storms come in each of our lives and as long as we are in this world, they will come!! But be of good cheer because Jesus has overcome the world and greater is He who is in us than he that is in this world!! Don't run away from God doing the storm but run to Him!! Jesus is our shelter in the storm; He will keep us safe in His arms!!! I command peace to be still in your lives!! Allow God to rule your heart and mind with the peace Jesus has left for you!! I ask the Father these things for you in the Name of Jesus, Amen!! Amen!!! It is finished!!!

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May the peace of God guard your hearts and minds ALWAYS!!!

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks


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