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Morning Inspiration As a Result of God Answering My Prayer!! Thank You Father for My Breakthrough!!!

Hello Everyone, these are some words and songs that was on my heart this morning after I woke up as a result of God answering my prayer and wanted to share them with you! Thank God for everyone who is praying for me and prayed to help me get my breakthrough!! I know my friends Mark and Mary and my Pastor, Bob! Thank you all and God bless!!
Whatever it takes, let it go!! It is not worth it!! You must let go of the past in order to be able to embrace the future God has for you!! God is waiting for you to decide to let it go; once you make the decision, He will lead you out but you must make the decision to let go and ask God to help you let go and He will!!! Do it NOW, don't wait; the longer you wait, the longer it will take to find out the plan God has especially for YOU!! - "Whatever It Takes" by Gail Holmes

Who will make this declaration today? Do you give YOURSELF away to God to be used by Him!! He want you to love Him enough to willingly give yourself to Him!! He waiting for you!! I give myself away to You Father, this day and every day!! Take my heart, my mind, my soul, ALL of me...I belong to You; my life is not my own, to You I belong!!! - "I Give Myself Away" by William McDowell
Will YOUR heart and soul say YES? Will YOUR spirit say YES? Are YOU willing to do what God is asking YOU to do? Don't worry about nobody else! What did God tell YOU to do? If you don't know, ask Him and He will let you know!! I say YES to You God!! I submit MY way to You!! I will do Your will!! MY soul says YES!!! - "Yes" by Shekinah Glory
Do it God like NEVER before!!! Thank You God for the NEW THING You are doing in our lives!!! - "Like Never Before" by William Murphy and Shekinah Glory

I pour my love on You Lord!! I love You Lord!! - "I Pour My Love On You" by David & Nicole Binion


Lord let Your Deep speak to my deep!! Wash over me today oh Lord!! "Deep Calls to Deep" by David & Nicole Binion


I will rejoice and be glad!! My depressed days are over!! Nothing else matters to me but Jesus right now!! I am thanking Him for dying and taking my place and giving me abundant life I did not deserved but He love me just that much to take my place!!! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Father! Thank You Holy Spirit for the roles You fill in my life!!!! "I Will Rejoice" by William Murphy & Nicole Binion


Father let the rivers of my worship flow to You this morning!!! Let the songs of my heart rise and bless Your Name!!! Nobody but You Lord!!! - "Flow to You" by William Murphy


Lord I want to touch Your heart!! Take me deeper Lord to the place where it can be just me and You!! I want to lose myself in You!! Draw me closer to You!! - "Deeper" by David & Nicole Binion


Love & Many Blessings from Father,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

Do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior? If not, give your life to Him today.

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