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This teaching on fear will cover a vast variety of information about fear and give you solutions to your fears and other fear related issues. To help you digest the materials in this teaching better, I have broken the four parts into 2 SectionsSection 1 consist of:

1. Part A – “Principality of Fear” – this part is from Chapter 10 of Dr. Art Mathias’ book, “Biblical Foundations of Freedom Destroying Satan’s Lies With God’s... In the “Principality of Fear” teaching, you will learn about the principality of fear and how to be delivered from the spirit of fear.

2. Part B – “Explanation of Anxiety, Stress, & Fear” – since anxiety and stress are closely related to fear, in this part, I will explain to you about each of these hindrances to a peaceful life; fear causes anxiety and stress. In this part, I will fully explain the difference between anxiety and stress so you will know how each operate.

3. Part C – “Fear of Rejection” – this part will show you how the fear of rejection can impact your life and give you a way to escape from this bondage.

Section 2 consist of:

Part D – “Prayers of Deliverance” – the last part of this teaching will consist of various prayers of deliverance. These prayers are also from Dr. Art Mathias’ book, “Biblical Foundations of Freedom,”and will help you become free from any issue that you pray about. For example, if you are being plagued by unforgiveness, the “Prayer of Forgiveness” will help you become free. Although this is a teaching about fear specifically, God wants you to be free in every area of your life, so I am including various prayers in this part.  Fear not only play a big part with anxiety and stress but also with domestic violence (Click here for my teaching, “Fear & Violence: Overcome Through God’s Perfect Love”), therefore, I am including prayers that addresses domestic violence issues too.

Always, remember, God did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mine (2 Timothy 1:7).

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God Peace!
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks


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