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God brought this to my mind last night and I believe He wants me to share it - I KNOW it’s going to help someone. As I have said before, God has me share my testimony, when someone needs to hear it. This is just one of the many testimonies, of God’s goodness in my life!!

Years ago, I had gone to my Doctor’s office and they took blood; the blood test said I had a blood clot in my lung. Immediately, I told the Doctor, “No I don’t!” 

My faith had been supercharged the night before at Church; I had heard the Word and my Pastor, Bishop Gary L. Greer, had prayed for me. So, why would I have a blood clot? Since Bishop Greer had prayed for me, surely God would have delivered me!!

The Paramedics were called to rush me to the hospital; the Doctor would not even let me drive my car. I did not want to go but I went on! When I got to the hospital, they began running tests. As I was waiting for the results of the lung scan, I heard God clearly; He asked me one question, “Whose report are you going to believe?” I immediately said, “I am going to believe Your report!” The test came back negative; ALL of them!

If I would have agreed with the test, I would have had a blood clot in my lungs, but I CHOSE to believe what the Word said; by Jesus’ stripes, I WAS healed!

And the devil did not give up; later that same year, it happened again. On Sunday December 9, 2012 I had a bad allergic reaction and ended up going to the ER; through it all God got the glory and I got the victory in more ways than one (not having anything seriously wrong since during the ordeal my blood pressure went up to 192 over 102 and the lab test later showed I had a blood clot in my lungs). However, in the end, all tests were normal, and I thank God!!

Again, if I would have agreed with the test, I would have had a blood clot, but I CHOSE to believe God’s Word!!

In both cases, it was a fact that the tests were positive for a blood clot, BUT the Word trumps the test! The Word of God makes everything else null and void that comes to destroy us; EVERYTHING MUST bow at the Name of Jesus!!

NO EXCEPTIONS!! The devil has power, but God has ALL Power!! Our faith should be in God’s grace for our healing to manifest in our body, not in works! We will NEVER do anything to deserve His grace – Jesus did it!

**To make it clear, I want to say in no way am I saying to stop taking your medicine, or not go to a Doctor, or even ignore your symptoms! I am saying begin to speak to your body and declare the Word of God over it and get instructions for your situation, from the Holy Spirit.**

Jesus HAS given us authority over ALL the power of the enemy; authority to thread on serpents, and scorpions - authority to put the devil UNDER our feet, where he belongs!! Therefore, the devil CANNOT do no more to us, than WE ALLOW him to do!! The devil CANNOT defeat us, but he can cause us to defeat ourselves by telling us a bunch of lies!! We HAVE discernment from the Holy Spirit, so we should know what thoughts are of God, the devil, and our own. Anything that comes to our minds, that is contrary to the Word of God, is NOT God, and we should SHUT IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!! Otherwise, we WILL give in, and do it!

It’s time for us, to rise up and use our authority, and stop asking God to do, what Jesus has given us the power, through the Holy Spirit to do!! Especially where sickness is concerned! Sickness is our enemy; it comes to steal, kill, and destroy - it is of the devil!! Sickness, or anything else, that comes to steal, kill, and destroy is of the devil, and NOT of God!! Therefore, we should NOT allow sickness to setup in our bodies!!

We allow the enemy to bring these sicknesses, diseases, infirmities, pain, etc. to us, and don’t stand firm on what God said in His Word - by Jesus’ stripes, we ARE, WERE, healed!! Jesus healed us over 2000 years ago; He died once and for all - taking EVERYTHING that would EVER come to steal, kill, and destroy from us with him!! Jesus said it was finished!! Our sins, along with EVERY sickness, disease, infirmity, known and unknown to man, was destroyed with Him - along with pain, shame, guilt, and sorrow!! 

Therefore, We ARE HEALED NOW, not waiting to be healed!! We are waiting for our manifestation to come into our souls, which will show up in our bodies!!  

But we cannot focus on the manifestation; that devalues what Jesus HAS done - healed us over 2000 years ago!! Because if we focus on the manifestation, that’s focusing on what’s going on in our bodies. I know, the more I focus on when am I going to be 100% pain free, the pain is worse. But if I get busy doing something else, and not think about the manifestation, I don’t notice that I am hurting.

While we are waiting on the manifestation of our healing and restoration to come in our souls/bodies, we focus on God, we focus on His Word, we give God praise, and do not allow things to weigh us down - the things we see in the natural - the things that contradict what God said!! We REST in what God said, using our faith to BELIEVE God; BELIEVE God is with us, NO MATTER WHAT we go through, because He said He would NEVER leave or forsake us and we REST in God’s ability - KNOWING God got us!! 

THEN our FULL manifestation of our healing and restoration, WILL come in our souls/bodies!! But as long as we are wishy washy, we will not receive anything from God - we will not receive our inheritance from Jesus!! Because we don’t believe!! We have ALLOWED the cares and things of this fallen world, to blind us to the things of God!!  

It’s time to ask Holy Spirit to give us a revelation of who we are in Christ, what Jesus did for us, and a strategy against the devil!! The devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy BUT Jesus HAS given us ABUNDANT LIFE!! But we cannot receive Jesus’ gift, until we let go of the lies the devil is feeding us; until we see ourselves as God see us, and not as who the devil says we are!! 

As long as the devil can keep you sick, and down, he will!! As long as the devil can convince you that God put that sickness on you, he will!! NOW is the time, to break free from the bondage the devil has you and your family in!! ONLY YOU can end it!! YOU have the power and authority, to put a stop to the devil!! 


Click here for PDF version of "It's Time to Rise Up!"


God’s Blessings to you all and your families!

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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