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As we go through life, we are going to be hurt and we are going to be disappointed but we cannot use things or people to satisfy those hurts and disappointments; we have to go to God with them!! God is the ONLY One who can help us; He is the ONLY One who can dig deep inside of our hearts and pull out all the effects of what life throws at us!! God is the ONLY One who can go deep within us and give us the inner healing we need!!!

We cannot use any material thing as a substitute for what only God can do!! ONLY God can heal us; ONLY God can restore us; ONLY God can deliver us!! As soon as we come to this conclusion, understand this, get this revelation the sooner we are going to be delivered and set free from the bondages the enemy has used or is using to set us up. The enemy is trying to set us up by putting a bunch of “stuff” on us; causing all kinds of problems including using people to hurt us and come against us. But in ALL these things, we got to run to the Rock which is Jesus! We got to run to God in these last and evil days like never before! Man can’t help us! Money can’t help us! You might think if you had money, your problems would be over but that’s not true! There are plenty of people with money who are miserable and committing suicide. It’s one thing to have money and another for money to have you! There is nothing wrong with being rich but don’t make money your god; plus money cannot deliver you out of bondage or mend your broken heart – therefore again, money cannot help you! Material things cannot help us! When I say “can’t help us” I mean these things cannot heal, deliver, or restore us! Nobody or nothing can do that but God!!

We must stop looking to people and things to fill or satisfy the emptiness inside of us; people or things cannot heal us – ONLY God!! People and material things are only substitutes; they are only temporary – we can see them. We need to focus on God and tap into the spirit realm! To do this we need to allow the Holy Spirit to pray through us directly to God; pray in tongues! When we pray in tongues we tap into the supernatural realm; we are praying directly to God in an unknown language to Him – we don’t know what we are praying for but the Holy Spirit knows –He is praying through us – the Holy Spirit will get through to the Father and the Father will answer our prayer!! Jesus is already interceding for us and the Holy Spirit intercede for us when we pray in tongues to the Father - when we cast ALL our cares, ALL our bondages, ALL our concerns upon God and He will move for us!! However, people cannot move for us because they do not have the ability nor resources to move for us; even if they are rich they still do not have the ability or resources within themselves to help us – to get done what we need done!! Remember, they are human just as you are and they have their free will – only God can touch their heart to help you – unless God give people compassion for us, they will not have it! Unless they have the heart of God for His people, they will not be able to help us!! 

Therefore, we must STOP relying on people to do what ONLY God can do!! We need to stop using people as crutches and drawing strength from them in excess and lean on Jesus and draw strength from Him!! Again, people are human beings and are not made to carry us; they sometimes get tired of us but God NEVER get tired of us and He is built to carry us! However, people will wear out but God will NEVER wear out; He will NEVER get tired of us!!! God has an UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF EVERYTHING WE NEED!!! Therefore, we need to take ALL of our problems, ALL of our cares, ALL of our burdens to the Lord in prayer; pray in your heavenly language – if you don’t have it yet, ask God to release your gift to you and He will – if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, it is available to you!!

Don’t sit back and allow the enemy to destroy you! The enemy watches us (uses his imps) – they watch the patterns in our lives – he can tell whether or not we are needy people by our actions. And needy people always want some other human around them to help them or they call on others for help constantly. Therefore, the enemy sits back and watch us, study us to see how he can us our neediness against us; who he can send in our lives to try and destroy us – he wants to trap us in whatever way he can. Once the enemy thinks he has the ammunition to use against us, he will send somebody in our life who we think we can depend on; we then get wrapped up in that person because we think they are our friend or our husband or wife to be! However, it is all a setup by the enemy; a trap to totally destroy us!!

I can tell you this because it happened to me years ago; I was a needy person. The enemy sent the last man I was married to in my life and since I was desperate for someone to love me, I married him – I was totally blinded by the desire to be loved! Although God, friends, and family told me he was not the one for me, I married him anyway. The Holy Spirit was directing me not marry this guy; even though I was in a backslidden state, I knew in my spirit that I was not to marry him but the desire for love and to be able to have sex legally, cause me to married him – I married for ALL the wrong reasons and it almost cost me my life!! I wanted so much for him to love me, accept me, validated me, etc. everything I never received as a child from my parents!! I don’t know why I thought this guy could give me what I needed; he never showed me any affection or attention while we were dating – I took care of him – buying him whatever he needed – he did not work!!

I want to stop here a minute and tell you ladies, DO NOT TAKE CARE OF A MAN!!! The man needs to take the role of the husband in the household!! Make sure he has a job and do not buy him – no matter how much money you give him, you cannot make him love you and he will not have any respect for you because he knows you are desperate!! I am talking here about when you meet a man and start dating or whatever you want to call it, don’t give him money, buy him clothes, let him sit down while you work, etc. NO, you are starting the relationship off wrong!!

I fell into the trap of the enemy because I was desperate for love; I was happy to have somebody in my life who claimed to love me; the devil knew what to have the guy say to me to get me hooked – remember, he had studied me! Yes, the enemy set me up but in the end, God gave me the victory – once I turned my life over to Him! I turned to God for help and God helped me!! That is when God revealed to me that the enemy sent this man into my life to totally destroy me!! And if it had not been for God on my side, he would have succeeded; I would have been dead – that guy tried numerous times to kill me in different ways! He tried to strangle me to death many times; one time I thought he had killed me – he choked me until I almost lost consciousness – I just knew I was dead because I felt myself losing consciousness – BUT GOD!!! Other times, he would put a loaded gun to my head with his finger on the trigger while he was drunk or high – again, BUT GOD!!! God would NOT allow the enemy to kill me and He will NOT allow the enemy to kill you – God is bringing you out NOW!!!

This guy was on an assignment from hell to totally destroy me as God told me but he could not because God in me is greater than anything or anybody trying to come against me; God had me cover – He was protecting me!! Again, I would be dead if God would not have come in and rescued me!! Therefore, I know the enemy will use people, the closest thing to you to try to deceive you and try to totally destroy you! So that is why we CANNOT depend on man; we CANNOT depend on woman; we CANNOT depend on money; we CANNOT depend on nothing or nobody but God!!! You will not be complete, happy, free, healed, restored, etc. until you get the revelation that God is your ONLY help; God is your ONLY source; God is the ONLY ONE who can help you!!! Hear me by the Spirit!! Let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you read this message!!

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May God bless you and keep you!

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks


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