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Updated Information About School of Healing New Web Site

Hi Everyone,

The new School of Healing web site is almost finished; the new site will be completed by April 17th. Beginning April 18th, the lecture for the week of April 18th to April 24th will be posted on the new site:

The lecture for this week, April 11th to April 17th will be posted on the Ning web site as usual on April 14th. Because of the time off for Spring Break, the schedule has changed for the end date of the course. The new schedule will be listed in this week's lecture packet; the end date is now June 12, 2010 instead of June 5, 2010.

Anyone who need to catch up on the previous lectures, can find them on the Ning web site: - look under the tab, "School of Healing." Even after the new site is active, the Ning site will still be available. This is your time to get caught up on the previous lectures during this down time.

I would like to receive your feedback about the lectures. Are you receiving help from them? Give me your feedback. I have created a page under the "School of Healing" tab for you to leave your feedback. If you need to talk to me one on one, please email me directly:

Have a God bless week,

Dr. Hooks

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