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Wednesday's Words to Live By For January 18th to January 24th "Forgiving & Forgetting" Part IV

"Forgiving & Forgetting" (Part IV)

Steps to overcome the fear of rejection:

1. Read through these materials and make a conscious decision not to operate out of a fear of rejection

    any longer. Start a journal.


2. Identify in your journal the person (s) from whom you fear rejection.

  •  The people whose rejection I fear include: (list them).


3. Identify in your journal how your fear of rejection is displayed in your behavior toward the people

    you identified in Step 2.

  •  The behavior patterns reflecting my fear of rejection include: (list them).


4. Identify in your journal healthy, productive, and rational alternative behavior patterns to those

    identified in Step 4.

  •  The consequences of using alternative behavior patterns would be: (list them).


5. Identify in your journal what obstacles other than your fear of rejection; exist in your adopting the

    alternative behavior listed in Step 4.

  •  The obstacles that block my adopting the alternative behavior in Step 4 include: (list them).


6. Analyze the obstacles listed in Step 6 and identify in your journal whether they are irrational beliefs or

    actual obstacles to change. If they are irrational beliefs, use the Tools for Coping Series refutation of

    irrational beliefs, in Tools for Personal Growth. If the obstacles are not irrational belief, use the five 

   dimensional problem- solving model found in Production Problem Solving, to find alternatives to rid

    yourself of these obstacles

    (Go to more information).


7. Implement alternative behavior patterns not based on a fear of rejection.


8. If you are still having problems, return to Step 1 and begin again. Remember, God is with you and

    He will help us. But you must actively seek for your deliverance. You must put forth the effort and be

    persistent in your recovery process.



Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks




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