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The week of Feb 6th – Feb 12th topic & goal is:

Chapter Three: Accusing Spirits - Goal: to explain where negative thoughts comes from and how they enter into our mind and explain how to use discernment to stop them. To accomplish this, we will:

1. Describe Accusing Spirits
2. Examine How Accusing Spirits Make Us:
• Accuse Others
• Judge Others
• Accuse God
• Accuse Ourselves
3. Give You A Partial List of Accusing Spirits
4. Include a “Prayer of Release” From Accusing Spirits

Click the link below to access this teaching:

Remember, this teaching was originally prepared last year but I am reintroducing it now because it is very in-depth and might take going through the program more than once for the information to get in your spirit.

Dr. Hooks

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