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Words of Encouragement & Prayer! The Storm Is Over In Jesus' Mighty Name!!

We all have to remember, God is for us and not against us!! I am believing that Jesus is speaking to the storms in each of our lives for peace to be still and He is speaking to the storms in our souls for peace to be still; for the anxiousness of our souls to quiet down and trust Him like NEVER before!!

We all must realize we CANNOT get ANYTHING WITHOUT God!! No matter how we whine and moan and get angry, this will only delay our blessings!! It is not until we fully trust God that we will get our blessings!!
Our blessings come from trusting God not from demanding God do this or that or from throwing temper tantrums!! God loves each of us the same, He has no respecter of persons!! And He will take care of us ALL!! He has NEVER failed me and I am quite sure you all can say the same!! Things may not have worked as WE thought they should BUT God caused them to work according to His plan and purpose for us!! God worked them out in a way that was BEST for us!!

Let's keep trusting God; let's keep trying until we get it right (I know it is NOT easy trusting God – we are so programed to believing what we can see)!! Allow God to lead you in the way you should go!! Don't think, ask God what you should and should not do and He will direct your paths!!

I am asking Jesus to pull us all up from the sea of despair that is trying to drown us and keep us from the purpose of God!! I declare and decree this day that the waves WILL NOT drown us, we are coming out of EVERYTHING that the devil has snared us with in Jesus' Mighty Name!! We ARE loosed from EVERY bondage that has trapped us in one way or another in Jesus' Mighty Name!! I declare and decree NO MORE DRAMA, NO MORE BONDAGES, NOTHING can or will EVER hold us back from what God has for us again in Jesus' Mighty Name!!

I ask God to place a hedge of protection around us, our families, our property, and everything that concerns us that He wants in our lives!! I ask God to take out the people in our lives who He did not ordain to be there and put in the people who He does ordain to be there, in Jesus' Mighty Name!! Time out for the devil running over us and causing havoc in our lives!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! We are children of God and we are the righteousness of God through Christ and God is our Father!! NO weapon formed against us will ever prosper!! We WILL stand firm on God's Word and believe Him for EVERY promise He promised us to come to past in THIS lifetime!!

Let's declare our FREEDOM from anything that tried to or will try to hold us down daily!! Let us encourage one another!! Let us declare as Eddie James says: NO More shackles, NO more chains, NO more bondage, I AM FREE!! When things look bad, declare "I AM FREE!!"

DO NOT FEAR!! If you feel yourself getting weak, contact one of us and we stand with you!! Do not be ashamed to contact someone for help!! During this time, we ALL need somebody to help us; we are helpers one to the other!! Stay strong my friends!! We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!!

You all have a blessed and prosperous weekend and every day from this day forward in The Lord!!

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God bless, Dr. Hooks

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