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At 10:29pm on July 29, 2020, Stephan Karl said…

Hey my friend, 

thank you for the warm welcome. Greetings and GOD´S blessings for you and your beloved ones too. 

At 6:33am on February 10, 2020, Margueriitte Beckford said…

Good morning,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. 

At 4:06pm on October 23, 2018, Gayla said…

Thanks Dorothy, but I do not have a site now, just groups on Facebook.I will add you to them, if you want out it is just one click away!! Love you sister!!

At 8:48pm on June 5, 2017, Patricia F. Brooks said…

Thank you

At 7:57pm on October 28, 2016, shilo crommett said…

I would love to take some of the classes but I can not seem to find them. I will keep trying. Thank you

At 7:36pm on October 28, 2016, shilo crommett said…

Hello Dr Dorothy,

I just got this message!I had lost the site, but someone befriended me so I accepted, so here am I. I'm amazed, it's been a couple of years. I will need to send you an update on my situation!!

My email is now

I'll be in touch tomorrow!

God Bless you

Shilo, aka. victorious!! 

At 9:20pm on March 7, 2015, M. Brown said…

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If you have any questions they will answer or you can get back with me.
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At 7:12am on October 01, 2014, Gina Maria Johnson gave Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD a gift
At 11:17am on November 21, 2013, Prophetess Cassandra Lai said…

Shalom, I am doing fine. I am now often share in Facebook , eg today message :

 * Thursday(星期四)21/11/2013 *

1 Peter彼得前书 2:1-3

" Therefore, laying aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking, 2 as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, 3 if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious."

" 因此,你们既然已经除去一切恶毒、欺诈、虚伪、嫉妒和毁谤, 2 就要像初生的婴儿一样渴慕纯净的灵奶,好不断成长,直到完全得救。 3 因为你们尝过主恩的滋味是何等甘美。"

** 詩歌欣賞 **
“ 上帝的舞台& One moment in time ”

At 4:13am on November 12, 2013, Prophetess Cassandra Lai gave Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD a gift
God bless you !
At 12:31pm on August 9, 2013, Debbie Joyner said…

Dearest Dr. Hooks,

Its with deepest gratitude that I can say thank you for your ministry and writings. Your book found me at just the right time in my life. I had already gently begun the process of recovery and your book Unholy Matrimony had given teeth to this process. I feel a great deal of hope and blessing  on the horizon and look forward to further teachings to move me along. I look forward to stepping fully into the purpose our great Father has for me and faithfully fulfilling it.


At 9:35pm on January 26, 2013, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

Hello Dr Hooks I hope you are doing well I have not spoken to you in months. Be blessed Karen!

At 11:35pm on June 11, 2012, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

God bless you woman of God you are beautifully and wonderfully made by Elohim our creator. 

At 2:42am on June 2, 2012, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

Dr Hooks 

this is me, my son, and mom taken at  the debutante ball last Saturday.

Debutante Ball
At 12:04am on May 31, 2012, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

At 1:26am on January 25, 2012, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

Hey sis I am feeling better. I had a broken tooth in the back of my mouth it would swell up and I would have to put ice on it but since I have been on antibiotics over a month a fragment of the tooth feel out it was half the size of a babies. I know I have to keep taking my medications. But I had three infections ear, tooth, and sinus. Praise God I am getting better! Love ya! karen

The blood always heals us!

At 4:23am on January 3, 2012, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

Happy New Year sis! Karen

At 8:21pm on December 1, 2011, Prophetess Karen Brank, D. Min. said…

At 7:13am on November 26, 2011, Prophetess Cassandra Lai said…

        Here is my song album 1) " Gems of Heaven " to share and


                            2) my website for those who are interested to purchase and support our ministry




Prophetess Cassandra LAI

At 7:09am on November 26, 2011, Prophetess Cassandra Lai said…

Shalom, Dr. Hooks,

            May the Lord continue to enrich you with His blessings from above.

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