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"God Has Already Equipped You" Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks 9/11/13

Hi Everyone, this is just a quick message to encourage you to move forward in God; move forward and do what He called you to do!! God just dropped this in my spirit and it encouraged me so I want to encourage you!! It is unedited; I just grabbed my phone and begin recording when God spoke it to me!!

God wants you to know today that He has already equipped you with EVERYTHING you will EVER need to carry out the vision He gave you long ago; some most recently but He is specifically talking about the visions you been holding on to for years saying “I am waiting on God!” No, God is waiting on you to trust Him that He has given you everything you need to get that vision off the ground already!! God does not lie so if He said we got everything we need to do what HE called us to do, then we got it!! We need to ask God for His directions and how He wants us to proceed and stop doing our own thing; we must let God lead us in the way we should go!!

Listen to this short message and allow God to speak to your heart as to what He want you to do next!! Know that God would not give you and vision and NOT give you the EVERYTHING you need for the vision to come to past!! God would NEVER set you up for failure!! That would be like if you were a Computer Technician and your job was to tested programs all day and your boss did not provide you with the computer to use to test the programs – you would not be able to do the job the company hired you to do!!

Again, God has already given you everything you need for your vision; to do what He called you to do – it is His assignment so you need to go to Him for directions and instructions on how to do it and how to get your resources He has given you!! One last thing, make sure you are not using the resources that God gave you for your vision for anything else; that would be misappropriation of resources!!

Open your heart to God and He will show you the way you should be going!!

God’s Servant,
Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks


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