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Excerpts from “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards!

Excerpt 1 from “Limiting Beliefs,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


“Strongholds are beliefs or ideas that hold us at our present level of life. They are the limits we have placed on ourselves - they are NOT demons!!”


My Input: WOW!! This is an eye opener!! We give the devil more power than he has - we contribute too much to the devil!! Let’s STOP!! The devil is NOT more or as powerful as God!!


Excerpts 2-4 from “Limiting Beliefs,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


Because God’s Spirit and power are in us, we CAN fulfill any of our dreams. It is not our circumstances or education or weaknesses that stop us from living our dreams. It is our BELIEFS!! Through our beliefs we even limit GOD’S ability to work in our life. (WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I DON’T want to limit God in NO part of my life!! What about you? - my side note)!!


“God wants us to live our dreams and be happy. The only thing PREVENTING this is our beliefs (NOT THE devil - my side note). Beliefs are revealed through ACTION. Every action is based on a belief. Actions can only be permanently changed through changing beliefs.”


“We must IDENTIFY our limiting, destructive beliefs and replace them with God’s PROMISES for our life. When we believe the truth, the GRACE of God is present to empower us to live that truth.”


Excerpts 1-2 from “Understanding Sin,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


“God does not PUNISH or stop loving us for our sin. God warns us about sin because sin DESTROYS us. Sin is not a list of things that can turn God against us. Sin is a list of things that bring PAIN into our lives. God warned us about the effects of sin because He loves us. God doesn’t hurt us because we sin, sin hurts us. This is called the law of sowing and reaping.”


“The Bible teaches that sin is any belief that is not based on the Word of God (Romans 14:23). I must base my every belief about who I am and what I can do on the Word of God. My opinion should not direct my life, God’s opinion should.”




Excerpts 1-4 from “Pain And Pleasure,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


“God created man and put him in a garden called PARADISE. Man was not created to SIN or DIE. Death came into the world through MAN, not God.”


“Man was not created to cope with PAIN. Pain is not the WILL OF GOD; it is the RESULT OF SIN.


“Man was created to live in PLEASURE.”


“The NATURE of man is to PURSUE pleasure and AVOID pain. The desire for pleasure is stronger than the fear of pain.”

My Input: Another WOW moment!! This statement is so very true!! This is evident in our daily lives! We do things in pursuit of pleasure, without thinking of the pain consequences later!! It’s all about what WE want, when WE want it, how WE want it, with NO consideration for what GOD wants for us, when GOD wants to give it to us, or how GOD wants to give it to us!! That’s just selfish of us!! And I thank God forgiving us ALREADY through Jesus, for ALL our sins - past, present, and future!! And for His love, mercy, and grace to us!! Let’s do better you’ll - let’s do things God’s way and wait on Him to manifest ALL we need - we ALREADY have it, we need to ask Holy Spirit to help us, teach us, how to wait on Father’s timing, to bring what we need - on how to WAIT on Father for ALL things and in EVERY situation!!


Let’s continue with Excerpts 5-6 from, “Pain And Pleasure,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


“One of the greatest pleasures a person can have is the fulfillment of DREAMS. We all have dreams and desires that we long to fulfill. God wants us to fulfill our dreams. He will help us fulfill our dreams.”


My side note to the next statement by Pastor Clint, and Dr. Jim: we should remember these words, repeat them daily if we must - hide them in our hearts:


“It is God’s will for me to fulfill my dreams. He has given me His word to direct my thoughts and His Spirit to empower my life.”

Excerpts 1-4 from “The Deceitfulness of Sin,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


“Sin has no POWER over us. Sin is not STRONGER than the grace of God. What is strong is our DESIRE (James 1:14).” The only sins we are tempted to do are the one we ENJOY. We do not enjoy the GUILT afterwards, or the SHAME in our heart and we do not want to get CAUGHT, but we enjoy the sin.”


“The Bible warns that sin is DECEITFUL. It warns that sin will BURDEN our heart, darken our UNDERSTANDING and KILL US. It will bring us to a place where we can’t FEEL God’s love and we can’t EXPERIENCE His LIFE.


“When pain comes into our life as a RESULT OF SIN, we usually deceive ourselves about the SOURCE OF PAIN” (My side note: we are quick to blame the devil or others). This is an example Pastor Clint, and Dr. Jim uses: “When we act in a selfish way and lose a valuable friendship. We seldom acknowledge that our sin caused the problem. We usually find some way to blame our friend. This is the deceitfulness of sin.”


“When we sin, we convince ourselves that the PAIN is not the result of our SIN. The moment we identify our sin/belief/action as the source of our pain we will no longer have a desire for that sin. Instead, we will choose the life of God.” WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! THIS IS GOOD STUFF YA’LL!!


Excerpts 1-3 from “Changing Your Heart,” of “Conquering Strongholds, Section 6,” of “Discipleship 101” course by Pastor Clint Byars and Dr. Jim Richards:


“The only lasting change is EFFORTLESS change. Change that is the product of our efforts will only last when we are putting forth EFFORD. We want to enter into God’s REST (Hebrews 4:10).”

“We bring about change in our actions by changing what we BELIEVE.”


“The moment we identify the PAIN that is in our life because of our limiting beliefs; and identify the PLEASURE that could come into our life through accepting new beliefs we will change what we belief. When that new belief is based on God’s Word His grace will make us ABLE to change our actions.”


My input: WOW!! These statements from Pastor Clint, and Dr. Richards, SHUT DOWN the lie, that God puts sickness on us to teach us something!! IT’S TIME CHURCH FOLK STOP LYING ON GOD!! GOD IS A GOOD GOD AND DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY KIND OF EVIL!! Why would God, allow Jesus to go through a brutal death, to redeem us from sins, sicknesses, diseases, infirmities, pains, and EVERYTHING else that would come to steal, kill, and destroy from us, and turn around, break His covenant with Jesus, and decides to put ALL those things back on us, to teach us something? God would NOT!! God is a covenant keeper, is true to His Word, and is NOT a liar!! God is NOT like man - man can’t be trusted, will lie, steal, cheat, and do whatever it takes to get over on another person, no matter how good that person has been to him/her, to feed the greed in himself or herself - THAT’S NOT THE CHARACTER OF GOD!! STOP COMPARING GOD TO MAN AND REALLY GET TO KNOW THE TRINITY FOR YOURSELF (GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, WHO IS JESUS, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT)!!


Getting to KNOW the Trinity, is the ONLY way we will be able to KNOW who we really are in Christ AND be able to live the ABUNDANT Life Jesus died, rose from the dead, and gave us - Jesus HAS given us ALL the VICTORY we need to live in this world!!


Let’s make up our minds THIS DAY, to stop going through the motions, of being free, and REALLY be free – REALLY ACCEPT what Jesus HAS done for us!! AND then when a storm comes, we won’t fall apart like a cheap suitcase!! Are you tired of faking it until you make it??

Are you tired of pretending like you got it all together, when in reality, you have no clue of who God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is, so you don’t know who you are in Christ?? That can change right now, the choice is yours - choose life or death, heaven, or hell today!! Are you going to come to God right now and ask Holy Spirit to teach you the TRUTH of God’s Word, so you can get rid of ALL those old lies, and beliefs of who God is, or are you going to keep faking it??


You are at a crossroad in your life - what are you going to do? The choice is yours!! But choose wisely!! Again, life & heaven, which equals to God or death & hell, which equals to the devil!! God loves you, but He will NEVER force you to love Him back - God respects your free will!!


I hope you choose life, choose God!! If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, ask Him to come into your heart now. Jesus HAS ALREADY forgiven you of ALL your sins, past, present, and future, over 2000 years ago. AND Jesus HAS taken away ALL sicknesses, ALL diseases, ALL infirmities, ALL pains, shame, guilt, sorrows, AND EVERYTHING that would ever come to steal, kill, or destroy from you!! Romans 10:9 KJV says, “That if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, those shall be saved.” Then ask Father to lead you to the right Church, where you can grow in the truth of His Word! Also, ask Holy Spirit to teach you how to live the ABUNDANT LIFE Jesus died so you could have too!! Welcome to the Family of God!!


And if you are backslidden, you can come back to Father now too! Jesus is waiting for you with outstretched arms! You are also forgiven by Father, because of Jesus!! Tell Father you are coming home and ask Holy Spirit to teach you how to live the ABUNDANT LIFE Jesus died so you could have too!! You also ask Father to lead you to the right Church so you can grow, in the truth of God’s Word!!

Until you all can get rooted and grounded in your own Church, you all can listen and watch my Church, LakeHaven, in Eustis FL, services online and participate with us. Here is the link to my Church’s website so you can watch our service from last Sunday, previous ones, and our upcoming service tomorrow (December 12, 2021). And there is a number on the site you can text your prayer request, ask questions, or connect with us during our live services, and a live person will respond:


LakeHaven Church – Main Site


Archive | LakeHaven Church – Live & Archive Streaming


Who We Are | LakeHaven Church – This is information page about our Church, and you can also contact them through this page.


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God’s BLESSINGS to you all and your families!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and your families!!


Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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