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“Prayer Against Trauma/Traumatic Experiences" By Dr. Art Mathias

Traumas are wounds, wounds that have happened to our bodies and to our minds. They can be traumatic, one-time situations or they can be situations that wear us down over time. The sights, sounds and smells of the traumatic event we suffered can play through the mind and bring torment.


The purpose of this prayer is to prayer against trauma; things that can traumatize you – which can damage your emotions and cause illnesses. There are many things which can cause you to be traumatized such as physical and sexual abuse which can bring fear and trauma, the words of rejection and abandonment (words can penetrate and kill our spirit and soul), or being hit by a parent or spouse.


It is important to identify the trauma or fear that has entered your lives. Trauma can show up as fear of pain, the dark, tight places, blood, needles, suffering, panic or anxiety attacks, etc. Traumas can even begin in the womb and affect our thought processes, genetic makeup and as I stated above, health.


After you have identified the trauma which has or is affecting your life, pray through the prayer below asking Jesus to heal or renew your mind.

Dear LORD Jesus, I purpose and choose to forgive (the doctor, nurse, hospital, or any other person) that (hurt me, name specific trauma if know). I forgive them and cancel their debts to me.


LORD, forgive me for any resentment or bitterness that I have toward (the person). I release myself from this bitterness.


Holy Spirit come and heal my heart and tell me Your truth in this situation.


Prayer courtesy of:

Dr. Art Mathias, taken from his book,

“Biblical Foundations of Freedom”

Wellspring Ministries of Alaska

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