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“Empowering the abused woman to recover with God's truth"

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Time out for blaming God for things WE DID NOT do!! It’s OUR responsibility, to be good stewards of our lives, that Jesus purchased with HIS Blood!!


WE HAVE authority, given to us by Jesus, with the backing of the Power from Holy Spirit, to speak to WHATEVER that is out of order in our lives, and COMMAND it to come subject to the Word of God!!


IT’S NOT God’s responsibility to manage our lives, but ours!! The Power of life and death, lies in OUR tongues - in OUR mouths!!


It’s time to get in the Word for OURSELVES, STOP depending on others to use their faith for us, or to talk to God for us, and get to KNOW God for OURSELVES; get a relationship with God OURSELVES, so we can KNOW who God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is, who we ARE IN Christ, and what the FINISHED works of Jesus are - what did Jesus do for us, during His death, burial, and resurrection!!


Until we do this, we will be forever groping around in the dark, fumbling when it comes to the things of God!! NOT KNOWING who we are, blaming God when the devil wreak havoc in our lives, pleading and begging God to do what HAS ALREADY been done through Jesus, and going through the motions of living - we will live beneath our privileges, always getting beat up by a DEFEATED devil, who is using our power against us, because he has NONE of his own!!


Let’s make up in our minds, beginning TODAY, to study the Word for ourselves, pray for ourselves, seek God for ourselves, partner with our Teacher, Helper, Comforter, and soooooo much more, Holy Spirit, so He can give (manifest to) us the revelations in the Word as we study, of what we need to know that pertains to us, and show us how to apply the Word to our lives - that way we can stop being a hearer only, and be a doer of the Word!!

Hear what I am saying by the Spirit - I am not saying don’t ask people to agree with you in prayer - there is power in agreement!! I am saying don’t rely on people to pray to God for you, and you not praying and seeking God for yourself!!


It’s time for us to take our positions, where God has called us to be and we CANNOT do that, being immature!!


It’s time to grow up; take the bottle out of our mouths, stop sucking on the pacifier, stop eating baby food, which keeps us weak in the things of God and begin to eat, devour, the meat of the Word!! THIS is where we get strength from; the Word of God, Jesus is our LIFE!! Our life comes through Jesus; through ACCEPTING Him as our personal Lord and Savior!!


Then after you have accepted Jesus, ask Holy Spirit to show you how to build your relationship with God, Jesus, and Him. If you’re not in a Church, ask Holy Spirit to lead you to the right Church where you can be taught the REAL Word of God and ask Holy Spirit to send REAL people in your life to help you on your new journey with Jesus, Father God, and Him!!


If you don’t know Jesus as YOUR personal Lord and Savior, why not stop and take the time to get to know Jesus? Jesus will take you to Father God, and Holy Spirit will come live in your regenerated spirit man - The Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) will take up residence in YOU!!


Here is a prayer you can pray, to accept Jesus as YOUR personal Lord and Savior - God loves you:

If you have backslid, you can come to Father today, through Jesus too! Pray what is in your heart to Father - He is waiting for you!! God loves you!!


Never forget, God loves us with an unconditional love, we are NEVER alone, God will NEVER abandon us, reject us, diss us, neglect us, NO MATTER WHAT we go through, NO MATTER how dark it seems, GOD IS RIGHT THERE WITH US - GOD GOT US!! God just want us to acknowledge Him, and give Him permission to intervene in our lives!!


God will NEVER go against our FREE will - God WILL lovingly tug at our hearts, to let us know that He is there, and when we are going the wrong way, but will NOT go against OUR will, if we want to stay in the mess we are in!! It’s OUR choice!! This is why God is not in control!! We have a choice to serve and obey Him or not!!


I pray that you decide today, to begin to seek God with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your strength, and ALL your mind, because that is when you WILL find Him!! When you ABANDON yourself, YOUR way of doing things, and begin to seek the Father for HIS way, you WILL find Father!!

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GOD’S BLESSINGS to you, your families, and Ministries, as you embark of your journey of discovery, with God!!


In His Service,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

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