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“Domestic Violence Seminar” Monday September 14, 2020


Minister Everett James and myself, would like to invite you all to our Monday“Domestic Violence Seminar,” via Zoom. We meet every Monday at 5:30pm Central time, and 6:30pm Eastern time, unless  that day falls on a holiday. We did not meet last Monday, because of Labor Day. But we will cover last Monday’s material, with the material for tomorrow.


We began a new series on August 24th, titled, “Violence & Abuse,” and it will end November 9th. At that time, we will take a break for the holidays, and return January 11, 2021, with the next program in the “Journey of Freedom” series, which is “Anger Management.”


We had a Special Guest on our August 24th session; the young lady I was doing the fundraiser for, Eva. She gave her testimony, of how God saved her life, out of the hands of her abuser! It was powerful!! If you all have not had a chance to watch that session, or download your copy of the complete teaching for the“Violence & Abuse” series, click the links below to view the session and download the teaching, so you can have it when you join - the syllables is broken down into the sessions, we will study each week:


Domestic Violence Seminar - Part 2 - S1 - Parts 1A-1A-1 (“Overview" & Ty... via @YouTube


“Violence & Abuse” Complete Teaching


Also, if you all have not had a chance to view the previous series, “Importance of Forgiveness”Program, that ended on August 17th, click the link below to watch the videos of all the seven sessions, along with a summary of each, so you can study the program on your own:


Domestic Violence Seminar, "Journey of Freedom: Importance of Forgi...


Tomorrow, September 14th, topics of the “Violence & Abuse” series, that we will be discussing are, “The Power Wheel & Examples of Abuse,” andGod’s Final Word on Generational Sin.” To view the topics for the upcoming “Violence & Abuse” sessions, with a summary of each, click the link below:


Use this link to join our Zoom sessions; you can use the same link every week. Again, the times are 5:30pm Central time, and 6:30pm Eastern time. Although I am giving you all the meeting ID and password, we found out it is best to use the link.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 819 9057 9725

Passcode: 930178


If you have any questions, you can contact me at or Minister Everette James at


Hope to see you all tomorrow on the live session! God’s Blessings to you all and your families!!


Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks


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