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“Emotional Healing Series” Session Three, Part 1C, Live Session – 3-27-2023

Hello, I am glad you have decided to continue with the “Journey of Freedom” Program! This journey is continuous – until Jesus comes back to take us home, we will be growing and making sure there is NOTHING holding us back from our COMPLETE BREAKTHROUGH!! As the Word tells us in Romans 12:1-2, we must not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing our mind so we can prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. The Word will transform our minds so that we can grow in God!! Praise God that you made it this far and for Him taking you all the way!!

Today, Minister Everett James and I are continuing with the next part of the “Journey of Freedom” Program, the “Emotional Healing” Series. Just as our previous programs, “Importance of Forgiveness,” "Violence & Abuse," and “Angry Management” Program, we will meet every Monday, unless there is a holiday, via Zoom, at 5:30 pm central time, which is 6:30 pm eastern time. If we don’t have a live session that week, the teaching for that week will still be posted on our blog websites:, & Eastern  Missouri Bible College.

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"Emotional Healing Series" Session Three, Part 1C, Live Session - 3-27-2023 - YouTube Link

Agenda Session Three – Part 1C – 3-27-2023 

1. Start the session with prayer ask Holy Spirit to give you understanding and give you inner healing as He reveals to you what issues need to be dealt with in your heart/soul.

2. Study each part of the session – all programs focus on the healing of the spirit, soul, & body.

3. Rap Up – write down any questions you may have, and we will go over them at the next meeting.

4. Homework: The only homework for this series is for you to keep a journal as the Holy Spirit reveals to you what issues from your past have not been dealt Ask God how to deal with them and keep a journal of what He said; check off each issue that you dealt with as you are healed from the pain of that hurt.

5. Close in Prayer – pray what you feel in your heart.

6. NEXT SESSION: “Emotional Healing” – Part 1D – April 3, 2023.


Lesson: Session Three, Part 1C – 3-27-2023 – Study This Part

A friend once wrote a blog entitled “Junk In Your Trunk;” we all have “junk” in our trunk from one thing or another. This is the story of the junk in my trunk, and it is not easy for me to write; I am writing this between tears because of the pain of what happened to me. But that’s okay, I know God is taking everything that the devil meant for evil and turning it around for my good!! It is ALL working in my favor!! I must face my pain to be free, so I can help you face what you must deal with.

When God began revealing what was going on with me a couple of weeks ago, I was fighting it – I did not want to deal with those things – they were too painful. I then realized that God had been trying to get me to deal with those things before, but I refused.

Now, I am at a place in my life where I have no choice but to deal with the rest of the things from my past; I am at a crossroads in my life where I must choose to let go of ALL of my past hurtful memories so God can move me forward OR keep them and hinder the move of God in my life – I choose to deal with them and let them and people who caused me pain go!! God has told me more than once, others have prophesied, and I have had open visions that He has a great call on my life, but I cannot move forward until these past issues are settled!!

I am writing this here alone (no other human) in my room at the Resort; I thought I was getting away to relax the weekend of Sept 29th – Oct 2nd, 2012, but God wanted me to get away to be alone with Him. I knew I had to get along with God sooner or later so He could finish what He started while I was away; He was tugging at my heart in Atlanta and New Jersey – I could not sleep. I have been running from these issues (the ones I knew) because I wouldn’t say I like confrontation, drama, arguing, etc.; I went through enough of that in the abusive marriages, so now I try to keep the peace.

However, as my ex-Pastor used to say, “Peace at any cost is not peace but bondage.” In my trying to keep the peace with the person or persons who are responsible for my hurts, I am the one who gets hurt the most by refusing to tell them how I feel – I have not been assertive enough. When a person is not assertive, they are either passive, passive-aggressive, or aggressive. God does not want us to keep things bottled up inside, trying to keep the peace that way.

Yes, God wants us to cast ALL our cares, worries, and concerns upon Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:6-7). And He also wants us to communicate with people assertively to let them know when they hurt us – speak up for ourselves but not be rude; if we do not respect ourselves, no one else will either - I am not talking about God - hear what I am saying through the Spirit. We must think of ourselves as important and not allow people to dictate our importance!! We must not think others are more important than we are!! Another thing we should not do is do more for others than we would do for ourselves. For example, if we are willing to spend $100 on someone else without feeling guilty, we should be willing to spend $100 on ourselves; we must not value others more than we value ourselves. God wants us to see ourselves as He does; we are valuable to Him, but we cannot see that unless we get the “junk” out of our trunk, which blinds us to this fact.

Pause: Remember, this whole “Emotional Series” is about renewing your mind with the Word of God!! And when you renew your mind, you are renewing your soul, flushing out ALL the junk in your soul – ALL the traumas, hurts, negative words, etc. Our souls house our minds, wills, and emotions. Therefore, EVERY negative thing, hurt, word, etc., goes into our souls and causes some trauma.

I have some teachings that will help you renew your mind and explain more about your mind (conscious and subconscious mind). The first teaching is titled, “Renew Your Mind!!” and the second is titled, “Renew Your Mind With the Word of God! Part 1” & Renew Your Mind With the Word of God! Part 2.”

Now let’s continue with my testimony: The hurts and pains I suffered from trying to find love were not dealt with by the root; that is why they are coming up after all those years! Always remember, every action has a root cause, and until that root cause is found and dealt with, you will not be entirely free.

In my case, I had several root causes of what happened to me; I could not be fully delivered until every one of those root causes was revealed to me by God, and I chose to deal with them (face up to what happened to me, forgive, and move on – not allowing what happened to me define me and learning from what happened to me).

Learning from what happened to you; that way, you will not allow it to happen again. I kept putting the bad things away in a compartment of my mind, not wanting to face what had happened; it hurt too badly. Little did I know that all those ignored issues would come back to haunt me. Now, I have to go back (in my mind) and deal with them before I can truly move on before I can really live the abundant life Jesus died for me to live.

The old bad memories will interfere with God giving us good new memories; those memories will keep us stuck in the past! God loves us and wants to set us free, but we must be willing to let that stuff go - out with the old and in with the new!! God makes ALL things new!!!

You must understand that if you do not deal with ALL the past issues which traumatized you, emotionally affected you, and caused your mind to be altered, you CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT live the abundant life Jesus died so you could live! Don’t allow the enemy to cause you to live beneath your privileges; to not enjoy the life God intended for you to live in fellowship with Him and others – don’t stay in bondage to past issues.

God’s BLESSINGS to you all as you go through YOUR process of discovering who you REALLY are in Christ!! And once you KNOW this, NO trauma of ANY KIND can hold you back from pursuing God in the way Jesus died for you to – so you could have an ULTIMATE relationship with God, your Father, and Creator!! DON’T ALLOW ANYTHING TO STOP YOU FROM HAVING A ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!! Jesus gave HIS life so that YOU could have a relationship with the Father!!

"Emotional Healing Series" Session Three, Part 1C, Live Session - 3...

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God's BLESSINGS to you all and your families!!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD

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