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Domestic Violence Seminar, "JOF: Violence & Abuse" Program 2020 & Beyond! Revisited 2022 (Live Session "Intro" Agenda - 10-24-22)

Agenda October 24, 2022 "Live Session"

Topic: “Introduction to the Violence & Abuse Program”


1. Open in Prayer

2a. Purpose for Revisiting Program: Due to the recent cases of domestic violence, that ended in the death of the victims, along with other innocent loved ones, I believe God wants me to revisit the “Domestic Violence Seminar: Violence & Abuse” Program’s teachings, Minister Everett James, and I started in July of 2020 (previous programs – click here for “Forgiveness Program” and click here for “Violence & Abuse Program”).

After God laid it upon my heart to restart the program, Minister James contacted me about going on Roku with the program – God laid it on both of our hearts. Minister James and I believe that it is imperative, that we get this information out, to help women, and men, anyone in a domestic violence relationship of any kind relationship!! NO ONE should have to live in constant terror!!

We want the ones who are currently in an abusive relationship to know, God is with them – they are NOT alone NO matter what it looks like!! And if they seek God, He WILL give them direction for their life. We also want to help the ones who have escaped the abusive relationship, to find freedom from the bondage they were in!!

Because I know firsthand, that just because you get out the abusive relationship, doesn’t mean the effects of the abuse are out of you!! God delivered me from SEVEN abusive marriages!! Therefore, it took YEARS for the effects of those abuses to get out of my soul after God brought me out of the marriages!! The problem was, I was so desperate to be loved, I kept jumping from marriage to marriage – not allowing God to deliver me from the previous marriage, before going into the next one!! But after God brought me out of the LAST abusive marriage in October 2006, I partnered with Him so HE could TOTALLY deliver me!! I allowed God to direct me where to go to get the teachings, prayers, and whatever else help I needed, to be set free, and to renew my mind in the areas it needed to be renewed!! It was not easy but God was with me every step of the way!! God is not a respecter of persons – what He done for me, and so many others, he can do for you or someone you know who is stuck in abuse!!

I want to pause here, and thank EVERYONE who God used to help me during those broken years of my life in the US, and in Europe!! I don’t want to call names because I might miss someone. But you know who you are and God does too. God’s BLESSINGS to you all and your families!! I love you all!!

2b. Zoom Information: The “Domestic Violence Seminar: Violence & Abuse” Program, live video sessions are beginning today. Our sessions will be via Zoom, and YouTube, every Monday evening at 5:30pm (CST) and 6:30pm (EST) and will continue until the sessions are complete. The anticipated completion date for the “Domestic Violence Seminar: ‘Journey of Freedom: Violence & Abuse’ Program,” is December 12, 2022.

Zoom meeting information from Minister Everett James:

Upper Room Ministries STL is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 899 3465 1962

Passcode: 035519

One tap mobile

+16469313860,,89934651962#,,,,*035519# US

This Zoom meeting information, along with the summary of each session, and the links to the previous sessions, so you all can get caught up, will be posted with the videos from the current session each week. That information will also be listed on Minister James’ and my website.

2c. Today’s Session Information: In today’s session, we will give you all the information you need, as to what to expect in the next couple of months and beyond about the “Journey of Freedom” Program. Let’s begin!

3. “Journey of Freedom” Program Components:

“Journey of Freedom” complete program: Click here for the first part of the JOF Program, which is “Importance of Forgiveness.” Forgiveness is the first step of your COMPLETE freedom from domestic violence and abuse. Therefore, if you have not forgiven the abuser, please take time to go through the forgiveness program.

“Violence & Abuse” Program, is the second part. And after that, the third part is the “Anger Management” Program. The purpose of the “Anger Management Program” is to help those who are recently out of abusive relationships or is still struggling with the effects from previous abuse and have anger issues.  If you are angry, you have not fully forgiven the person or persons who hurt you and you might need to not only go through this Program, but go back through the “Importance of Forgiveness” Program.

There are two more sections, “Emotional Healing Series,” and “AWM Book Discussion Group” to the “Journey of Freedom” Program. Although these are independent studies, we will also cover them after the “Anger Management Program.” Click here for the link to the complete “Journey of Freedom” Program.

4. Upcoming “Domestic Violence Seminar, Violence & Abuse” Sessions (We will start the “Violence & Abuse” Program where we left off in 2020).

Session 1:

Domestic Violence Seminar, “Violence & Abuse,” Session 1 (8-24 to 9-14-2020/9-26 to 10-17-2022). Goal: to define violence & abuse. To accomplish this goal, we will (current links is on dates in green):

  • List Types of Abuse - Part 1A 8-24-2020 (9-26-2022)
  • Define Each Type - Part 1A-1 8-24-2020 (9-26-2022)
  • Discuss the Cause & Effect of Abuse – Part 1B – 8-31-2020 (10-3-2022)
  • Discuss the Power Wheel & Show Examples of Abuse - Part 1C – 9-7-2020 (10-10-2022)
  • Explain God’s Final word on Generational Sin - Part 1D – 9-14-2020 (10-17-2022)
  • Closing Scriptures & Prayers Against Domestic Violence - Part 1D – 9-14-2020 (10-17-2022)

Session 2:

Domestic Violence Seminar, “Violence & Abuse,” Session 2 (9-21 to 10-5-2020/10-24 to 11-7-2022). Goal: to define violence & abuse. To accomplish this goal, we will (we will begin on 10-31-22 with our live “Session 2, Parts 2B & 2B-1” sessions – this is where we stopped in 2020:

  • Review Previous Section – Part 2A – 9-21-2020 (10-24-2022)
  • Premise Before Next Section (“God ALWAYS Provides a Way of Escape” – Part 2A – 9-21-2020 (10-24-2022)
  • List the Ways to Recognize Abuse – Part 2B – (10-31-2022)
  • Learn & Understand the Cycles of Abuse – Part 2B-1 – (10-31- 2022)
  • Explore How to Stop the Cycle of Abuse - Part 2C – (11-7-2022)
  • Establish a Personal Bill of Right - Part 2C – (11-7-2022)

Session 3:

Domestic Violence Seminar, “Violence & Abuse,” Session 3 (10-12 to 11-9-2020/11-14 to 12-12-2022). Goal: to define violence & abuse. To accomplish this goal, we will:

  • Understand Why Abusers Abuse - Part 3A – 10-12-2020 (11-14-2022)
  • Understand Why The Victim Stays - Part 3A – 10-19-2020 (11-14-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3B – 10-26-2020 (11-21-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3C – 11-2-2020 (11-28-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3D – 11-2-2022 (12-5-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3D-1 & D-2 – 11-9-2020 (12-12-2022)

5a. Closing

Domestic violence is not just a secular issue, there are many Christian wives who are also being tormented by an abusive husband. These series of seminars are designed to help domestic violence victims obtain wholeness from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. This training will also prepare Christian ministers, counselors, and other Christian workers to provide healing to the domestic violence victim. Therefore, if you know of anyone who can benefit from these teachings on domestic violence, and the other topics we will address, please forward this information to the person or people you know. Or you can invite them to our Zoom sessions.

And as you are led, please pray for the victims, and their families of domestic violence – those who suffer from domestic violence effects, after they left, and the ones who are still in a domestic violence relationship.

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD is the Founder/Executive Director of Abused Woman Ministries Inc. Dr. Hooks, will be teaching several courses on domestic violence and recovery, along with Minister James. If you have any questions, you can contact Dr. Hooks via email at, or go to her website,

Minister Everett James, Th.D., is the Director of Eastern Missouri Bible College, formerly known as the Good Samaritan Bible Institute, is the educational arm of Upper Room Ministries STL which is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. To contact Minister James, email him at or visit his website at Eastern Missouri Bible College.

I pray that God will deliver, heal, and restore you all, from ALL unforgiveness, including against yourself, and ALL the effects of the domestic violence or other traumatic events you have suffered! If you are still in an abusive relationship of ANY kind, please seek help!! I pray for your continued healing and restoration, for any and all things that keep you from following after God!

We are here to answer your questions. Therefore, if you have any questions, contact me at or Minister Everett James at


6b. Closing Prayer

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God's BLESSINGS to you all and your families,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD

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