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Domestic Violence Seminar, "Journey of Freedom: Violence & Abuse" Program 2020 & Beyond! Revisited 2022 Live Sessions 12-12-2022

“Session 3, Part 3D-1 & 3D-2” Live Session 12-12-2022

Hello everyone! I pray that you all and your families are very well!! We are continuing today with our “Violence & Abuse” Program, in the “Domestic Violence Seminar” series. As I stated before, this is the second program in the "Journey of Freedom" Program. In this program, there are three sessions, and several parts to each session. The complete outline, for each session will be included at the end of each week’s session. You will see on my website, www.abusedwoman.ning, and Minister Everett James’ website, Eastern Missouri Bible College, the “Violence & Abuse” weekly summaries by date first (all the summaries, even the upcoming ones, will be listed on our websites). The video will be posted after we record our live sessions on Monday evenings – the link to that session’s video will be attached to the title of the session. Therefore, as the summaries are released each week, you will have the opportunity to study the materials before the video is posted.

Zoom information: Day & Time: Mondays 5:30p (CST) – 6:30P (EST)

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These are the previous sessions of the “Domestic Violence Seminar” Programs w/summaries and videos:

“Importance of Forgiveness” (Completed Program)

“Violence & Abuse” – this link will take you to the parts of the program that we completed in 2020 (up to “Session 2, Part 2A” which is dated 9-21-2020). Also at this link, you will find the complete upcoming “Violence & Abuse” summaries. Minister Everett James and I restarted the “Violence & Abuse” Program on 10-24-2022. However, there was no video recording because we had technical issues.

Click here to view “Session 2, Part 2A” from the “Violence & Abuse” Program on 9-21-2020 which is the session revisited on 10-24-2022.

Click here to view the “Agenda October 24, 2022” that goes with the “Violence & Abuse” Program from October 24, 2022.

Click here for dates of 9-26 to 10-24-22 of the "Violence & Abuse” Revisited Program and “Live Sessions for 10-31 to 11-7-22,” before studying 11-14-22 session.

Domestic Violence Seminar, “Violence & Abuse,” Session 3 10-12 to 11-9-2020/11-14 to 12-12-2022). Goal: to recognize abuse and its cycle. To accomplish this goal, we will:

  • Understand Why Abusers Abuse - Part 3A – 10-12-2020 (11-14-2022)
  • Understand Why The Victim Stays - Part 3A – 10-12-2020 (11-14-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3B – 10-19-2020 (11-21-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3C – 10-26-2020 (11-28-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3D – 11-2-2022 (12-5-2022)
  • Develop Strategies for Breaking the Cycle of Abuse - Part 3D-1 & D-2 – 11-9-2020 (12-12-2022)

Domestic Violence Seminar, “Violence & Abuse,” Session 3 – Parts 3D-1 & 3D2 (11-9-2020/12-12-2022 - **NO VIDEO THIS WEEK!!**): In Session 3, “Strategies for breaking the Cycle of Abuse” & “Categories of Abuse” (continued) of the “Violence & Abuse” Program, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, discusses the following topics:

*Strategies for breaking the Cycle of Abuse – Important Categories of Abuse:

A partial list of the abusers’ fiendishly inventive stratagems and mechanisms (continued) – Parts 3D-1 & 3D-2:

  • Control by Proxy - If all else fails, the abuser recruits friends, colleagues, mates, family members, the authorities, institutions, neighbors, the media, and teachers — in short, third parties — to do his will. They use them to persuade, coerce, threaten, stalk, offer, retreat, tempt, convince, harass, communicate, and otherwise manipulate their target - they control these unaware instruments exactly as they plan to control their ultimate prey; they employ the same mechanisms and devices for the proxies and the soon to be victim. And he dumps his props (the ones he uses) unceremoniously (callously) when the job is done.

Another form of control by proxy is to engineer situations in which abuse is inflicted upon another person. Such carefully crafted scenarios of embarrassment and humiliation provoke social sanctions (condemnation, disgrace, or even physical punishment) against the victim. Society or a social group becomes the instrument of the abuser.

*Strategies for breaking the Cycle of Abuse – Important Categories of Abuse: Partial list of the abusers’ fiendishly inventive stratagems and mechanisms (continued) – Parts 3D-1 & 3D-2:

TIP - Often, the abusers’ proxies are unaware of their role. Expose them. Inform the proxies. Demonstrate to them how they are being abused, misused, and plain used by the abuser. Trap your abuser. Treat them as they treat you (not in the sense of getting even, but use tactics to expose him; once the enemy is exposed, he will either give up or run away. However, most likely, the abuser will not give up but run away; to their next “mark” to make them a victim.) Involve others. Bring it into the open. Nothing like sunshine to disinfest abuse (stop the secret abuse). ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS SEEK GOD FOR DIRECTION; FOR YOUR WAY OF ESCAPE!! AND OBEY WHEN HE TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO!!

*Strategies for breaking the Cycle of Abuse – Important Categories of Abuse: Partial list of the abusers’ fiendishly inventive stratagems and mechanisms (continued) – Parts 3D-1 & 3D-2:

  • Ambient Abuse - The fostering, breeding, and enhancement of an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, instability, unpredictability, and irritation. There are no acts of traceable explicit abuse nor any manipulative settings of control. Yet, the irksome feeling remains, a disagreeable foreboding, a premonition, a bad omen. In the long term, such an environment erodes the victim’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Self-confidence is shaken badly. Often, the victim adopts a paranoid (fearful; mistrustful; obsessed; unreasonable; suspicious) or schizoid (schizoid means: “tending toward schizophrenia - showing some of the symptoms of schizophrenia such as withdrawal into the self and a tendency to fantasize” –; thus, becoming a paranoid schizophrenic) stance and thus renders herself exposed even more to criticism and judgment. The roles are thus reversed: the victim is considered mentally deranged, and the abuser the suffering soul; abusers are hit men for the devil.

TIP - Run! Get away! Ambient abuse often develops into overt and violent abuse. You don’t owe anyone an explanation - but you owe yourself a life, BAIL OUT. AGAIN, SEEK GOD FOR WISDOM AND DIRECTION!!

Violence in the family often follows other forms of more subtle and long-term abuse: verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual, or financial. It is closely correlated with alcoholism, drug consumption, intimate partner homicide, teen pregnancy, infant and child mortality, spontaneous abortion, reckless behaviors, suicide, and the onset of mental health disorders.

*Strategies for breaking the Cycle of Abuse – Important Categories of Abuse: Partial list of the abusers’ fiendishly inventive stratagems and mechanisms (continued) – Parts 3D-1 & 3D-2:

Ambient Abuse (continued):

Most abusers and batterers are males — but a significant minority is women. This being a “Women’s Issue”, the problem was swept under the carpet for generations, and only recently has it come to public awareness.

Yet, even today, society, for instance, through the court and the mental health systems — largely ignores domestic violence and abuse in the family. This induces feelings of shame and guilt in the victims and “legitimizes” the role of the abuser.

Violence in the family is mostly spousal — one spouse beating, raping, or otherwise physically harming and torturing the other. But children are also and often victims — either directly or indirectly- Other vulnerable familial groups include the elderly and the disabled.

Abuse and violence cross geographical and cultural boundaries and social and economic strata. It is common among the rich and the poor, the well-educated and the less so, the young and the middle-aged, city dwellers and rural folk. It is a universal phenomenon.

Conclusion: This concludes the “Violence & Abuse” Recovery Program!

Handout on “Long Term Effects of Violence & Abuse” Attached with PDF Copy!

Domestic violence is not just a secular issue, there are many Christian wives, and husbands, who are also being tormented by an abusive husband, or wife. These series of seminars are designed to help domestic violence victims obtain wholeness from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. This training will also prepare Christian ministers, counselors, and other Christian workers to provide healing to the domestic violence victim.

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD is the founder of Abused Woman Ministries Inc. She will be teaching several courses on domestic violence and recovery.  To contact Dr. Hooks, email her at, or go to her website,

The subjects that are covered in the “Journey of Freedom” Program are, “The Importance of Forgiveness;” “Violence and Abuse Recovery;” “Anger Management Recovery;” “Emotional Healing;” and “Unholy Matrimony Healing for the Abused Woman Book Group.”

Minister Everett James, Th.D., is the Director of Eastern Missouri Bible College, formerly known as the Good Samaritan Bible Institute, which is the educational arm of Upper Room Ministries STL and is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. To contact Minister James, email him at or visit his website at Eastern Missouri Bible College.

PDF Handout for Session 3-Part 3D-1 & 3D-2 Study Notes (click below):

"Violence & Abuse" S3 P3D-1 & 3D-2 -11-9-2020/12-12-2022


Click here for PDF version of "Live Session 12-12-2022" Summary Not...

Click here for PDF version of "Violence & Abuse" Program Outline

Click here for a FREE copy of my book, "Unholy Matrimony: Healing F...


I pray this program has been a BLESSING to you, and that God will manifest your deliverance, healing, and restoration, from ALL unforgiveness, including against yourself, and ALL the effects of the domestic violence, abuse, and other traumatic events, you have EVER experienced in your life, in Jesus’ Name, the Name that is ABOVE EVERY other name!!

If you are still in an abusive relationship of ANY kind, please seek help!! Click here for a website, which has help against domestic violence/abuse, in any State, in the U.S. Click here for Global Domestic Violence Resources. Click here for Domestic Violence Resources by Country. Contact your local Police, and Sheriff’s Dept., also for help! Contact them the FIRST time the abuse happens!! DON’T WAIT!!

I pray for your continual healing and restoration, for any and all things that keeps you from following after God! Yes, Jesus healed, delivered, and restored you, once and for all time!! But the enemy will always come to distract you – he will come to try and steal your goods – steal what Jesus died to give you! The enemy wants you to think you are not healed, delivered, and restored but DON’T believe him!! He is a LIARALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!! James tells us in James 4:7 Living Bible (TLB), “So give yourselves humbly to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Therefore, keep focused on the Word, not on what you can see in the natural! Trust God no matter what!! Believe the Word above ALL else!!

If you have any questions, contact me at or Minister Everette James at

God's BLESSINGS to you all and your families!!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD

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