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“Emotional Healing Series” Session Ten, Parts 1K & 2K, Live Session – 5-15-2023

Hello, I am glad you decided to continue with the “Journey of Freedom” Program! This journey is a continuous one – until Jesus comes back to take us home, we will be growing and making sure, there is NOTHING holding us back from our COMPLETE BREAKTHROUGH!! As the Word tells us in Romans 12:1-2, we must not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing our mind so we can prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. The Word will transform our minds so that we can grow in God!! Praise God that you made it this far and for Him taking you all the way!!

Today, Minister Everett James and I are continuing with the next part of the “Journey of Freedom” Program, the “Emotional Healing” Series. Just as our previous programs, “Importance of Forgiveness,” "Violence & Abuse," and “Angry Management” Program, we will meet every Monday, unless there is a holiday, via Zoom, at 5:30 pm Central time, which is 6:30 pm Eastern time. If we don’t have a live session that week, the teaching for that week will still be posted on our blog websites:, & Eastern  Missouri Bible College.

Zoom  Information:

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Meeting ID: 842 7735 0925  Meeting Password: 134087 

Mobile: 13052241968, then 84277350925#, then *134087# - for U.S. calls

Agenda Session Ten – Parts 1K & P2K  – 5-15-2023

1. Start the session with prayer ask Holy Spirit to give you understanding and give you inner healing as He reveals to you what issues need to be dealt with in your heart/soul.

2. Study each part of the session – all programs focus on the healing of the spirit, soul, & body.

3. Rap Up – write down any questions you may and we will go over them at the next meeting.

4. Homework: The only homework for this series is for you to keep a journal as the Holy Spirit reveals to you what issues from your past have not been dealt Ask God how to deal with them and keep a journal of what He said; check off each issue that you dealt with as you are healed from the pain of that hurt.

5. Close in Prayer – just pray what you feel in your heart.

6. NEXT SESSION & LAST SESSION: “Emotional Healing” – Parts 2A & 2A-1 – May 22, 2023.


Lesson: Session Ten, Parts 1K & P2K – 5-15-2023 – Study This Part - YouTube Link

Emotional Healing Through Dealing with Past Issues Part 1K:

You know what, all is not lost – you can still get it right with God right here, right now – don’t put it off until tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised to you. Hebrews 3:15 says in the day you hear God’s voice (this is God writing through me – these are not my words but they are coming straight from God), harden not your heart! Don’t let this word from God pass you by today; it may be your last time hearing them – not trying to scare you, just saying what I hear from God.

Time is too short to play with your soul being lost forever! Just turn your life over to God by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior TODAY! God loves you soooooo much and He does not want you to be lost!

Therefore, open up your heart and mind to God and allow Him to reveal to you the “junk” in your trunk, deliver you, and put you on the right path. God has already ordered your steps (Psalms 37:23) and sent Jesus to take your place so you could live so what are you waiting for? The only thing you need to do is surrender completely to Jesus and He will take you to the Father. Don’t try to figure anything out – just yield to Jesus and He and the Holy Spirit will do the rest – the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you, teach you all things, and comfort you when you need comfort. The Holy Spirit is a constant companion who will be with you until the end!

Emotional Healing Through Dealing with Past Issues Part 2K:

How to Get Free and Stay Free From Past Issues

Past Issues

I am going to pause here and tell you how to get free and stay free from past issues. If you have past issues which traumatized you (affected you emotionally), in order to obtain freedom you must decide to deal with them. Once you make that conscious decision, ask God to guide you through each issue; allowing Him to do it will not cause you much pain as you begin to recall what hurt you. I am not sure how God will have you deal with your past issues but open your heart and let Him do it His way. God knows what memories to bring up first and the process you need to go through for your complete deliverance.

Current & Future Issues

There are sometimes when you might have had past issues but you know God has delivered you (you have dealt with them). However, something happens and it triggers an old response or old feelings – like what happened to me some weeks ago. This does not mean that you were never delivered (dealt with the past issues which traumatized you in the first place), it means there are more issues you need to deal with. You will know (through discernment) the difference between a God-induced unction to deal with past issues and a thought from the devil saying you are not delivered.

For me, when a past issue comes up that I thought I dealt with, I ask God about it, then He tells me what it is and walks me through the process of dealing with it – then that bad memory leaves and I experience peace within. On the other hand, if the past issue is tormenting me in my mind or accusing me (this is evident that it is not God, God will NEVER accuse you), then I know it is the enemy and begin to pull down that stronghold in my mind and bring that thought captive unto the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

The key to not getting entangled in the bondage of past issues is to not allow them to become an issue in the first place. When someone does something to hurt you (in any way – whether intentional or unintentional) immediately deal with it – be led by God on whether to confront them or not. What I mean by immediately dealing with it is if the act hurts you or offends you (affects you emotionally), admit to yourself it hurt or offends you.

Do not say to the person or yourself “Oh that’s okay” or “It does not matter.” No, it does matter!! After admitting to YOURSELF you are hurt (it is important to admit to yourself out loud so the mind will not automatically dump that hurtful memory in its special compartment), forgive that person for what he/she has done, then dismiss it (don’t allow it to play over and over in your mind like a movie – see teaching on “accusing spirits”).

Ask God to help you not keep a record in your mind of what happened to you badly. To help you forgive others, think of what Jesus has done for you before you accepted Him!! He loved you and forgave you so you should love others and immediately forgive them for what they do to you!!

This process of dealing with hurtful things when they first happen to you will keep you bondage free in your mind; you will not have a list of bad memories to deal with – won’t have to play catch up years later to become free – you will keep your mind free.

God’s BLESSINGS to you all as you go through YOUR process of discovering who you REALLY are in Christ!! And once you KNOW this, NO trauma of ANY KIND can hold you back from pursuing God in the way Jesus died for you to – so you could have an ULTIMATE relationship with God your Father, and Creator!! DON’T ALLOW ANYTHING TO STOP YOU FROM HAVING A ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!! Jesus gave HIS life, so YOU could have a relationship with the Father!!

“Emotional Healing,” Session Ten, Parts 1K & 2K – 5-15-2023 – YouTube Link

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God's BLESSINGS to you all and your families!!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD

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